AVBCW: Shobdon 2019 03 23 – Part Two

We had three tables, mind was on the southern end, in the middle was Shobdon Hall, and the third was Shobdon Correctional Facility.

My allies should they bother were coming from the middle table.

Lots of AA vans for the Royalists.

But there were a group of squabbling LDVs to get past.

Here they came having made a deal with at least one LDV.

But one of the other LDVs got an it5chy trigger finger and the convoy ground to a halt.

Even the late arrival of an LDV lorry, and the Twiggy Moments (summoned by GM pity on me), field to make a difference.

Under artillery fire, I pulled my troops back taking casualties but dishing out a fair amount more.

With the KO’d lorry acting as cover, my troops outnumbered and outgunned fight to allow two of the transports to escape.

Before, as the LDV’s lorry was damaged still some way from the airfield….

Captain Queeg evacuated his remaining troops (about half of the platoon) in the third and final transport plane.

What the “Special Stuff” was, was never found out and is in the hands of the LDV.

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