AVBCW: Shobdon 2019 03 23 – Part Three

The third table for Shobdon Correctional facility, at the other end of the hall didn’t get much attention from me – too busy staving off both losing my voice entirely (I had a curry night lined up), and staving off a crushing defeat.

The camp – the idea was the BUF and Royalists would evacuate some high profile convicts.

At least they (Tom) got some barbed wire to defend themselves, as once again they were outnumbered 3;1. (Old Man shakes fist and shouts at sky)

The Bishop of Hereford (Clive).

And his allies Tim and ??? move in for then kill.

I don’t think the convoy escaped.

From memory, some of the lorries used to ram the oncoming hordes were “dummies” without any of the convicts.

Random stuff from the middle table (eye candy):

Yes, random fields have pill boxes, airfields and other important sites don’t. ;-/

Now back to editing Frost grave photos – next AVBCW in October 2019 !

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