FG: The Breeding Pit

The second of the three games JP and I played on Saturday, the final scenario from “Into the Breeding Pits”.

The final dungeon, or so it might seem.

The quest was to find the Beastcrafter Grimoire.

Shazzam! and his war band set off into the dungeon.

The opposition move in – Jon’s Chronomancer seemed to think the treasure was hers for the taking.

Obviously the breeding pit was home to a lot of wandering monsters, like this white gorilla which just happened to turn cup behind my war band – typical.

However, I got my revenge, by placing an Amplipede behind enemy lines. (The rules for placing wandering monsters are different)

Panaoramic view.

Wizard down !

Treasure Hunter down !
Those pesky Wizard’s Eyes are proving annoying, mind you the Treasure Hunter has fallen down in the last three games or so consistently.

My Captain lead the way…HOME !!!!

Whilst the Amplipede did in for another one of the Chronomancer’s war band.

Our first two Gnolls of the campaign appeared, behind my avenues of escape.

And then my Apprentice Marvo II copped it, again, via an Elemental Bolt cast through the Wizard Eye.

And then the war hound died.:-(

Getting the drift of how this was going ?

And then the thug died at the hands of the Grey Falcon (Captain)

So I managed to get three treasures off the table, but at considerable cost due to poor dice rolling.

I jokingly said “This can’t get much worse” to Jon, who promptly reminded me to roll for Marvo II’s recovery…and then rolled a 1 – DEAD. So all my carefully hoarded gold was spent replacing him with his triplet sibling….Marvo III.

In the meantime, here’s Jon take on things.

Third report to come later.

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