Amazon with Light Sabre

Collected some repairs and conversions today, amongst which was…

A C30 Amazon with Light Sabre.

As you can see from the one on the right, the original club/blowpipe (opinion is divided) is subject to damage given the age of the figures and the softer metal used back then.

The light sabre is a repair – brass rod with hollow red plastic sleeve.

I am very tempted to keep it like that as a “Power Sword” which as some may remember was an option in WHFB’s (2nd Edition) huge table of magic weapons.

One Response to Amazon with Light Sabre

  1. Luke says:

    I mean…it’s a blowpipe, right? It doesn’t seem right for a club…and is that a mouthpiece by the bottom hand? Then again, it seems too heavy to be a blowpipe.

    Is “stick” an option? Or the lesser known Amazon tonfa?

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