FG: The Final Battle (Part One)

Despite arriving late, Jon and I decided we had enough time to play the final battle scenario in the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign.

Jon had already announced that his goal was Transcendence, and that he had acquired all the spells he needed to achieve this goal, so this was going to be Thaddeus’ last game.

The notes in the scenario, and the very impressive array of opponents persuaded me that an alliance with Holbron’s old foe would be a necessity, even if it meant breaking it after the death of the Liche Lord !

On the far wall with two Wraith Knights waited the Liche Lord with his treasure.

Six death Cultists were in the middle of this floating fortress os evil.

Along with 12 Armoured Skeletons.

Just for once I won initiative, buffed both the Captain and Green Knight with Shield, and sent them in to battle against the ranks of the undead. A Ranger supported them and to my surprise decked the first Armoured Skeleton.

Thaddeus had a similar plan to despatch a group of warriors (and demon) to wipe out the skeletons, but lost an Infantryman in the first go.

The Captain and Knight finished off another 3 of the Armoured Skeletons, the rest were pinning down Thaddeus’ forces and were outside of my area of battle, so I left them to it. The Knight would take long enough to get back to my forces as it was. (M=5)

Meanwhile I had dispatched “Gideon Force” along the far edge of the table my side to outflank the Liche Lord’s minions and get ready for the surgical strike to remove treasure. My new Bard was there to ensure Will was with me in case the Liche Lord had any fancy spells.

Holbron’s Archers and Rangers started picking off the Death Cultists in the centre and took down four of them, whilst Holbron and Gideon started buffing up all of the minions with Fleet Feet spells.

Common cause made erstwhile enemies prepared to hide behind pieces of cover as Holbron and Thaddeus’ bands approached the Liche Lord, who had already started summoning an extra skeleton.

Said Skeleton was put down by my Ranger with a well aimed arrow.

We were now so close, the Wraith Knights activated and started to seek out the living…

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