FG: The Bone Wheel (Part Two), the messy bit

Both Thaddeus’ and Holbron’s war bands had 3 treasures each and both were shifting them off the table. However as a summoner, Thaddeus had advantage in numbers and I had 4 Death Cultists at my back too.

That wasn’t all:

Jon threw and Imp to also slow me down which resulted in a Ranger going down.

The Archer despatched the Imp, and then the two death cultists before moving on to help out his comrades.

Only for an Elemental Ball to cause mayhem after they’d sliced and diced the cultists !

I was by now running out of minions as they were rapidly exiting the board voluntarily with loot, or rather less voluntarily !

Ambushed by a war hound, Gideon the Apprentice was stuck.

Before my own archer, suffering Mind Control stepped in to finish him off !

Good job Holbron and the Captain had escaped earlier.

Gideon had a “close escape”, so ~700GC worth of valuables were lost.

Jon was the winner of this game as he had put down more of my war band, even though we both had got 3 items of loot each.

Even though I’d turned up late, we had enough time to do the final scenario of the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign – a showdown with the villain of the piece himself…

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