FG: The Bone Wheel (Part One), the easy bit

On Friday BYakhee Jon and I continued the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign, with the penultimate scenario. Jon had done a unique scenery piece for it.

Bone wheel in the middle.

My band of heroes set up with brand new spanking matching colour outfits and familiars.

The enemy: the motley crew of Thaddeus, including a weird mutant demon that Thaddeus (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) had summoned before the game.

For once, I had read up the scenario, and kitted my war band out appropriately. So what happened ?

I win initiative, roll for Elemental Bolt and kill the Banshee facing me first time round.
Nice load of XP, gritted teeth my planning was (mostly) wasted.

Thaddeus (Jon) had the same idea, and launched an armoured skeleton 9also summoned) and the demon in against his Banshee opponent, but he took longer to deal with it. 😛

The defenders down, the next two rounds consisted of us both getting war band members in to the bone wheel to collect the loot/rescue the victims (yeah right).

Covering my flank, the Green Knight waded into combat to support the war hound, who promptly died, as did an Infantryman of Thaddeus’.

This drew and inevitable response:

Yup a mob of Barbarian buttock clenching thing wielding presence backed up with a second infantryman !

And four Death Cultists turned up behind my forces, joy of joys.

I made good my escape with three treasure tokens, utilising the ever handy “Wall”.

Unfortunately, my escape was hampered by the Death Cultists which slowed me up….

To be Continued…

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