FG: The Dark Cauldron – 1

The second game Jon and I played from the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign.

In the centre a cauldron was set up with 5 cultists protecting it.

My set up.

Thaddeus’ (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) set up, with one aim, to get the Dark Cauldron for his nefarious purposes.

First blood to me, and Elemental Bolt felled a thief (left) by my Apprentice (in red right).

A Frostwraith, no doubt attracted to the EVIL of Thaddeus and his minions popped up behind his lines when the first treasure was lifted.

Which meant that Jon had to despatch minions to fight it, but it didn’t go according to plan with one minion being wounded before the wraith was finally returned to eternal rest.

This set the pattern for the game.

For both of us ! My war hound was sent into combat and ended up against two cultists.

Just as well, because the other cultists and the first zombie from the cauldron piled in to Thaddeus’ minions further impeding their progress.

Having killed one of the enemy, my Apprentice had to do a sharp exit pursued by an Imp and Fluffy (mark 1,000). But he did manage to maintain line of sight to the treasure which using telenesis was dropped at the feet of Robin Da Hood.

Meanwhile on my other flank, a thug and Knight were advancing on a treasure chest, when Thaddeus conjured yet another Imp from the infernal dimensions (because he is EVIL, did I mention that ?).

In the centre my plucky archer ended up in the central courtyard fighting two cultists. He did remarkably well.

Whilst the knight finished off the Imp, and the thug lifted the treasure, then another one of Thaddeus’ Imps did something that change the dynamics somewhat..

To be cont’d…

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