FG: The Dark Cauldron – 2

Thaddeus’ Imp knocked over the Dark Cauldron, unleashing a wave of choking fumes that reduced LOS to 16″ across the board.

meanwhile Fluffy (mark 1,000) pursued my Apprentice, only fro the Treasure Hunter to drop down behind and join the combat, with inevitable results for poor Fluffy (mark 1,000).

Meanwhile Thaddeus and his apprentice were summoning imps as fast as they were being killed.

My Archer finally managed to defeat the final cultist (as well as imp), finally freeing him up to make a runner for it.

Hotly pursued by a demon, summoned by Thaddeus apprentice (who is also EVIL, and must be destroyed).

I dumped a Wall in front of it to slow it down.

By now, Holbron’s war band had decided the overwhelming number of Imps and Demons summoned by the Thaddeus and his apprentice (who are both EVIL and both must be destroyed), had tipped the balance against them, so the goal was to get off the board with as much treasure as possible le in order to see a way of stopping the clearly EVIL forces arrayed against them.

Meanwhile Thaddeus’ minions were finishing off the last cultist and zombie.

Another wall spell did not stop Thaddeus’ demon who climbed over it as my war band got off the table. An imp was also summoned to try and trap my Apprentice.

But that didn’t last long ! My knight was left waving his sword in the air with nothing to do, so…

Adios !
Nice knowing you, wouldn’t want to be you.

Definitely, the sheer number of summoned creatures thwarted my plans to keep the cauldron and prevent it from falling in to Thaddeus’ hands. Numbers count.

To make matters worse, I ended up finding the “Book of Bones” (how to summon a skeleton), and a Candle of Summoning, in my treasure rolls.

Holbron is retaining both items to prevent them being sold on to the unsuspecting and spreading the EVIL corruption of Thaddeus’ type !


Here is Jon’s take on events.

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