Foamboard Frustration & Frostgrave for the Festive season

Foolishly, I have started to organise a frost grave session for the 29th December, and have hired the Burley Gate Village Hall, so if anyone in the vicinity of Burley Gate in Hereford fancies a game of Frostgrave, drop a comment here and I’ll be in contact.

We have four players already lined up and 2 possibles, so we’re hoping for a straight head to head set of games in the morning and then a big board with all of us on it in the afternoon.

In anticipation of this event, I’ve been doing some more scenery and in particular getting some more Walls done, which has proved more difficult than expected.

All I wanted was some foam board 10mm thick so that the walls stand up by themselves and don’t take up too much space.

So I thought I’d hit the art shops for the foam board….

The Worcester art shop I used to use don’t stock it, and the head office couldn’t say when they could get it and deliver it to the worcester branch !

Hobbycraft said they didn’t stock it and wouldn’t order it in for me !!

The Hereford art college didn’t stock it, and when I asked if it could be ordered in told me I couldn’t come in to it because of child protection issues !!!!

No wonder high street shops are going out of businesss.
The Amazon order I did late Monday and was delivered this afternoon.
There’s no competition in terms of time cost and quality of service I’m afraid.

Five A3 sheets in the box, so more than enough for another half dozen walls.

I might finally get round to the long promised tutorial on I did do that in making the foam board buildings !

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