Demo’ing Frostgrave to Boardgamers

As mentioned, JP & I got invited by the Hereford Boardgames to demo Frostgrave.

So we rocked up on Saturday and put on a demo game. They meet in the function room above a pub. Drink !

A couple of dozen people were there – this photo doesn’t do justice to the number as it was taken at lunchtime when people were heading to the bar for food, and other nonsense.

Lots of games were being played.

Makes Warhammer look dice lite ! 😉

We were next to a table demo’ing X-Wing, the Star Wars space fighter game.

During the day we had a fair amount of interest and I gave away best part of a dozen flyers.

Jon and I got in one game between the two of us, and then lured one of the X-Wing guys to play a second game which allowed me to sneak off for a bit to take the photos.

Looks like we have at least one new player lined up !

The game photos will follow shortly.

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