Demo game

JP & I had a game with some scratch war bands at the start of the Board Games Club last Saturday, just a simple head to head to demo some of the rules to people who wandered over.

We arranged the board so we get show the scenery cost as much or as little as you wanted, and the rage of options available to scratch build your own.

Jon’s war band.

Off go for the treasure.

Templar down !

A wandering outer showed up behind Jon’s war band, and started trashing their firing line.

Now you see the treasure…

…now you don’t. Fools Gold !

WE rigged the game so Jon could use his Poundland Giant, bought for the princely some of £1.

Who proceeded to stomp all over my war band.

before starting on Jon’s.

Whilst the demon put Jon’s wizard down.

Whilst a timely placed couple of walls saved my wizard who escaped.

Must have been interesting for others cos a couple kept coming back and asking questions.

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