AVBCW: Herefordian factions

More updates to the factions playing on Saturday at the Big Game: The Bridge Over the River Wye.

Roo has his background done I know, just one left to go.

Should be a good game with such excellent backgrounds, and yes some factions are getting special rules.

In the meantime I am working on six foots worth of hedge – yes really six foots worth because when you have two 10×6 tables that goes nowhere fast.

Oh and best of all, I visited the dentist, the one who describes my mouth as boring, because he has nothing to do, and yes it is still boring he had nothing to do. A full head of gnashers is intact with no dentures, fillings or any other stuff. So beware if I am turned into a zombie, because my bite is going to be viscous. 😉

One Response to AVBCW: Herefordian factions

  1. Have a great game and I hope you have enough hedges

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