Cats and designing scenarios

As most wargamers and games designers know von Moltke wrote:

No plan survives contact with the enemy.

He also did a lot of kriegspiel:

Moltke originated the use of the colors blue for friendly forces and red for hostile forces in strategy or wargaming, hence the term “blue on blue fire” in friendly fire situations.

Obviously this is a simple scenario – open the back door to allow fresh cool air into the house. However the enemy (BlackJack) has taken advantage of this and brought in a new “friend”…which is still mobile and able to get under the tumble drier/washing machine/fridge-freezer.

This scenario illustrates why I do not install a cat flap in the door as it would allow 24×7 access to this sort of outcome.

When designing wargames/role playing scenarios, treat the players as cats: Impossible to herd; and liable to act as the enemy of your intentions. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

This is another disturbing outcome of opening a window or door: A Cat; A Rodent; and a tangle of wires supporting my iMac, Printer, Hub, Router, telephone, external hard drive and camera.

I’ll be rethinking this nest of wires over the w/e with a view to KISS. And its also a concept to be applied to the forthcoming Bridge Over the River Wye. With 10+ wargamers to manage along with external catering and the general nauseau of setting the game up and keeping things running, KISS is something I can recommend to many GMs ! We’re toying with the idea of some force selected rules and I’m keen to add this sort of individuality, but not at the risk of causing chaos and confusion.

Time will tell if JP and I get it right… :-O

2 Responses to Cats and designing scenarios

  1. steven mortimore says:

    Love cats. And i’m looking forward to the game. Do you need any terrain?

  2. Maybe hedges, stiles and gates, depends on how many I manage to order and get delivered between now and then. 🙂

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