FG: More Ulterior Motives

The third game JP and I played-now shamefully over a week ago as I grind my way through a 100 or so photos.

Basic head to head, but with the Ulterior Motives cards used.

I drew the “Once Bitten” card…and JP drew the “Arcane Geyser”…which is apt as he is a geezer. Whilst he knew about the former, I didn’t know about the later.

The board.

The Werewolf in the middle next to a treasure and the red herring (rune stone).

The pit, maybe we were starting to get tired but I knew the this was the target of JP’s war band due to his deployed.

Shazzam!’s deployed war band.

JP’s (Aeon’s) war band.

Let’s get the treasure.
Err and try and cast some spells.

The enemy cowered behind the wall to avoid the Werewolf that ambled round gently.

My sturdy stalwarts got ready for a co-ordinated attack, having been buffed (NOT) for combat with the Werewolf.

My Captain seized a chance and attacked Aeon herself, badly wounding her, but was set upon by the minions and fell. Nice try.

Meanwhile my thug and tunnel fighter downed the Werewolf.

We then had a massive fight in the middle off the central room.

The Arcane Geyser erupted, blinding JP’s thief, but by this time Shazzam! and Marvo had left the board – they had cast a total of 2 spells in 5 rounds between them (SHAME !)

The combat in the central chamber ground on, JP losing his Captain and two more, to my two, so a, physic victory for me.

And I didn’t even get the central treasure.

A right caning for me, and as for the spell casters well less said the better.

Here is JP’s take on things.

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