More Walls

Ages ago I did up half a dozen walls for when wizards raise this magical barrier. As FrostFayre 2017 grew to seven players, I thought I might need half a dozen more, so I set about making some more.

This wasn’t so easy.

Of the three local art shops I contacted/visited, none had 10mm thick foam board, and two were not willing to order it. The third, in a different city, said they would have to order it from head office and it’d take a fortnight.

No thanks !

So I hit Amazon and had a box of A3 sheets delivered within 2 days. No contest, no wonder local shops are going out of business. 😦

So I knocked out half a dozen walls, with three designs to make them a bit different from each other.

And whilst I was at it, I knocked out 6 more for Alan and Jon (each)…so 18 walls in total.

(Ulterior Motive:- I don’t have to drag my scenery around with me when going to their gaffs.)

This still left me with more 10mm thick card left over, and then Alternative Armies re-released a resin scenery piece and another idea formed in my brain cell…

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