Sinister Magic Fountains

With spare 10mm thick foam board to hand, Alternative Armies announced a re-issue of a resin scenery piece -the death’s head fountain. Too good to miss.

So I had an idea about a double sided wall with a fountain open both sides, both to acts as break to LOS on the board, and also suggest there might be something magical about them.

Despite my best efforts, carving up the foam board gave a lumpy top to it – a central 10mm piece, and two flanking 10mm pieces each, with a niche in the middle for the fountains.

So the top and ends got a dose of filler to even things out. The top also had a card walkway added just for good measure, and to enable derring do as models duel on top !

Here it is.

The depth of the fountain pool, and the fact that the wall itself is 30mm thick, mean it isn’t just another wall like I produced previously.

So for the FrostFayre game I’ll be thinking up some special rules for th4e fountains, maybe opposing schools of magic based on who gets there first ? Drinking from the fountain may give casting benefits etc….

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