Frostgrave: The Haunted Houses – Part 1

Second game of the day, Alan had to depart to play with trains, leaving JP & me to duke it out.

We’ve been working through all the scenarios in the main rule book, and Haunted Houses was the next one up, which JP had ably made from yet more Prinhgle tubes chopped up (I am also guilty of having used them for scenery projects).

Basic table set up.

For once, I won initiative ( a rare event), and moved in towards the first three ruins.

I think this photo is a good example of how using a bright set of colours for my figures helps them stand out against the dark and generally dull terrain colours.

We had to roll every time we got the treasure from the ruins, once for whether we encountered a Wraith, and again to see if a random monster turned up.

JP had opted to play using Thaddeus his 24th Level wizard (who is evil and must be destroyed), so brought out a lot of his heavies, including the war hound Fluffy III.

And an annoying Crossbowmen placed high up to try and snipe at me, well you can guess which spell I used…

We triggered the arrival of a couple of Ice Spiders who bumbled around, and annoyed Thaddeus’ Zombie (both of whom are evil abominations, and need to be destroyed).

Typically, it was my Treasure Hunter (Part Paintedus) who managed to encounter a Wraith.

My first and ONLY roll of a 20 in the entire day – Alan had been on the receiving end at least three 20 to hit rolls from JP in the previous game…

And as Lady Katherine is an Enchanter, guess what she’s been loading her war band top with…yes….no points for this one…lots of  magical weapons. So scratch one Wraith.

To be continued…

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