Frostgrave: The Haunted Houses – Part 2

Now it was Thaddeus’ war band (who are evil and must be destroyed) turn for some wandering monster goodness, an Ice Worm.

Typically, it turned up behind them, and moved in for munchies.

So they mobbed it.

Meanwhile, my Apprentice and least shields had grabbed the third treasure chest, and decided to head for the hills, to try and stave off Fluffy III, a wall was cast into place.

Unfortunately, after disdainfully cocking his leg on said wall and relieving himself, Fluffy attacked the Treasure Hunter UNpaintedus, whilst JP also conjured up an Imp – fortunately, the Imp bit the dust with a well aimed arrow.

And Fluffy also got told he was a “bad dog” and beaten into submission.

In the meantime, it took four of Thaddeus’ war band (who are evil, and must be destroyed), to deal with the Ice Worm.

Which, with more judicious Wall spells allowed my war band to escape unscathed with only one man down.

Another good game.

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