Frostgrave: A tale of Three Wizards – Part 2

So to my surprise, I’d managed to get three treasure chests, and had minions in the tower.

So my plan was now to get the loot off the board by using Walls to shield me from arrows and spells.

this was made possible as Alan and Jp’s war bands went for each other, I think both of them had half of their war band put out of action !

Though, my archer did have a tiff with one of Alan’s warriors.

Which meant my Captain got to the top of the tower and the special treasure…now for his escape…

Because I didn’t want this to happen.

Another aerial view.

The other two war bands were still fighting it out.

A Frost Toad nearly scuppered my plans, but at the end of the day, I escaped with the equivalent of 6 treasure chests of loot !

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