Frostgrave: A tale of Three Wizards – Part 1

The stars were right, and JP, Alan & I had a game session, a three way Frostgrave game was first up. JP brought some scenery he had made to play the Silent Tower, from the main rule book.

So we rolled for set up, with Alan being squeezed in between JP and me.

I was playing Lady Katherine again, Alan another Enchanter (who is evil and must be destroyed), and JP some other dabbler in the dark arts (who is also evil, and must be destroyed).

So I moved in on the first three treasure chests, not sure if I would go for the very special treasure at the top of the tower. Again a Wall spell came in handy to block me off from Alan’s minions, and also allowed me to deploy my new scenery (more of which later).

Whilst my apprentice and his thug stole up on another treasure chest, though he was scratching his head thinking something was missing from the local architecture…

That’s better !


Alan and Jp’s bands were duking it out, with animated Zombies, frost Toads and so on. JP had conjured up a wall of fog.

Though Alan’s Apprentice and a few minions wandered in my direction, to be met with a few arrows.

Whilst JP’s thugs tried to close in on the tower.

But not before my Treasure Hunter was in, and (bottom left) my Captain and second Treasure Hunter got into the tower.

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