Mordheim: Coaching Inn

A few years after Mordheim was released, a scenery pack was released, the second “Blood one the Streets” pack (the first was waaaayyy back in time…of with more to come).

I’ve renovated one of the two buildings twice, and one of the Coaching Inns before. here’s the second.

The main building is the same as the earlier one, but the outshot at the back I’ve added on to make a subtly different building.

A much bigger base, so I thought I’d have to jazz it up a bit with more paving and so on.

More of the dolls’ house paving paper internally this time !

I also painted the door pillars red, and details gold to make it look like a gaudy gin palace.

And paved the back area, with the usual pizza box slabs.

Should beg a bit more colourful on the table.

2 Responses to Mordheim: Coaching Inn

  1. Great stuff man. I’ve never thought of using doll house items. Hmmm maybe I need to raid my daughters dolls house haha

    • Tire’s a fair amount of gamers who use dolls’ house stuff, including buildings and furniture. It’s a bit larger at about 1/48th scale (28mm is more like 1/56th) but given we already add an additional couple of mm to the height of a miniature via slot or solid based figures it isn’t too bad.

      My mate JP has used dolls house furniture for barricades for AVBCW, and I also have a standard lamp bearing W.I. lady to finish painting (long story).

      I get my paving from the local model shop that is heavily into railway stuff but have a dolls’ house section, usually rolls are less than £5 for a variety of designs, and larger than A3 sheets of fairly thick/heavy paper so it doesn’t warp very much when you glue it down.

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