FG: Out of Time – Part One

On February 29th, I held a Frostgrave session with some relative newbies. First game was straight out of the main rule book. Two tables, two different scenarios to mix it up.

The Silent Toiwer (Rob, JP, Alan).

The Haunted Houses (Rob, Gavin, myself).

Both involving scenery made from Pringle tubes as Jon had pioneered.

I’ll be focusing on the table I was running.

Rob’s warband…still not based…this will change.

My motley crew, with an obvious target of a treasure chest in a haunted house.

Gav’s crrew, also with an obvious target or two…unfortunately also on my list of treasure to be nabbed.

Which ended up in the inevitable bunfight between gav and me…whilst Rob curiously hung back and let us beat the bejesus out of each other.

Whilst of course on my other flank, my treasure hunter entered one of the buildings, and found a wraith – the only in the game. The treasure hunter defeated it in combat but could not harm it so pushed it back out of the house where Rasilon my Chronomancer blasted it with magic.

The swirling melee one the other flank been Gav and me was resolving itself with multiple casualties.

The survivors went after a wizard but were mobbed by Gam’s war band.

Rob struck, teleporting his wizard into a vantage point and blasting us with spells.

Another one of my treasure hunters almost got off the board with the loot Gav and I had fought over…alas…not quite…

Rob moved in for the kill, felling my Apprentice.

And then cast an explosive rune, which decked Rassilon my wizard !


Well, at least for me !

Now Gav and Rob duked it out, with a couple of thugs cornering Rob’s wizard.

Whilst gav raced for the treasure tantalisingly so close to the board edge.

Gav’s apprentice got shot down.

But so did Rob’s wizard !

Gav and Rob fought over the last treasure.

That was a pretty violent game !

Despite being the most experienced winner, I think the game went to Rob !

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