FG 2018 08 22 Walenton Manor

The second game Aklan and I played, from the Arcane Locations scenarios in the Frostgrave Folio.

This required two tables to represent the cellar and upper floor of the manor.

The upper floor

The cellar, with Kenny & Criag’s war band deployed.

There were four staircases (a forthcoming post) which move randomly, and were linked to exit points (trapdoors) on the upper floor.

Reveal Secret ! Only Alan’s lot went after it as well (boo-hiss).

Climbing up the staircase, Craig the Apprentice got zapped with a bone dart by Alan’s pesky Wizard.

You can see where this game was going…

The thug and war hound moved forward to confront he enemy Captain, with fatal consequences.

On both sides !

Meanwhile, Kenny had managed to get topsides with his Apothecary in tow. Unfortunately, so had the enemy and Alan’s obligatory Bear and sidekick had also…

My thieves were busy carrying off the loot, but the enemy war hound got in the way, briefly !

Two more casualties for me.

At this point it was a case of FLEE !

I got away with two treasures and precious little else.

Over in an hour.

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