FG 2018 08 22 The Pits of Null

Another visit to the cursed gaming room of Alan (the well laden table Rita puts on).

We played The Pits of Null from the Sellsword supplement in the Folio.

Board set up as per scenario.

Shazzam! (The Mighty)’s war band.

Oh dear, first turn, the Templar gets an arrow in the face before he could even move.

After using telekinesis to move treasure towards him Rinsesoap Washbag’s Barbarian was subjected to Mind Control by Marvo the III, and moved into combat with the Zombie !

My Captain and Tunnel Fighter went in against one of the Nullmen, and killed it.

Other Nullmen closed in on Rinsesoap Washbag though…

But that didn’t stop his archer killing my war hound. This was all in the first turn !

Mind Control games continued and I sent his Barbarian who was wounded in against a Nullman…who prevailed.

Another Nullman came off worse against the opposing Captain.

Typically 2 wandering Zombies turned up behind Shazzam!, one was immediately decked.

Hashpot’s Ranger shot another Nullman at point blank range.

Marvo the III put down another Nullman.

Whilst racing to defend a Treasure Hunter of Shazzam’s, the Captain went down.

before Marvo III went down to a summoned Imp !

As did the Treasure Hunter.

By this time, I had 3 treasures, so considering that a “victory” headed for home ASAP.

This just left dashpot to collect his third treasure and escape – but not before his Apprentice went down to a Nullman’s attacks.

Pretty much a draw, probably slightly in favour of Alan’s wizard.

We then moved on after lunch to the next game…

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