FG: Fungus Foray

Byakhee Jon and I agreed to start new war bands and start the Into the Breeding Pits campaign following the descent of his main wizard whose name I have entirely forgotten. 😉

So at a day’s notice Jon organised another gaming session. Due to another meeting I had, we only had two hours.

My new Wizard and Apprentice were part painted as was the Tunnel Fighter.

The first scenario was the Moving Maze where fungi start moving things around and violent fungi turn up to defend their patch.

Shazam (with two A’s) and Marvo deployed the war band – Illusionists.

Against Jon’s new war band led by a Chronomancer ette.

Though I won initiative, this allowed Jon to dictate what scenery was moved by the fungi…thus cutting me off from my rightful loot. Luckily I had managed to cast both Fool’s Gold and Reveal Secret.

Picking up the treasure triggered the Violent Fungi to appear, as placed by the opposing player (Jon), guess where…

Which was reciprocated.

easy to kill, but injuring/killing them releases spores causing models to be wounded.

Good job I had also taken the Heal spell !

Unless you passed a Will test like my war hound did.

I closed in on my fifth piece of treasure, the Chronomancer’s thief having been tricked by Fool’s Gold.

Wizard’s Eye -a late hope to use it to cast Elemental Bolt.

We’d spent so much time fighting the Violent Fungi we’d barely exchanged blows, but here my war hound finished off a thug, before being mercilessly cut down with a plaintive yelp by an archer.

And so to the departure lounge – in Into the Breeding Pits, you exit via doors/archways only. Shazaam (spelt with two A’s) escaped with a load of treasure, which was mostly gold but alas no grimoires !

A good start for my new wizard.

Jon was completely hampered by poor dice rolling when it came to casting spells. And he didn’t even roll any 20’s in combat :-O

Sadly we did not have time for a second game as we would have spent too long setting up bases, counting treasure and so on…so the saga has only just begun.

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