FrostFayre 2017 – Part Three

The morning’s games had taken much longer than expected, so it wasn’t until 3pm we started the second round, at which point three people ducked out, and only watched the beginning rounds.

So table 2 was used for a four way match between Anthony, Jim, Richard and myself (yay I got to play !). Jim and I were playing very experienced war bands (Doozelbat and KIY respectively) with the other two forming an alliance squeezed between us.

Following advice at the Frostgrave forum on LAF we reduced the number of treasure to 2 per player. Funnily enough, Doozlebat and KIY had an extra one each. 😉

KIY’s deployment.

Oh look another treasure chest pops up 6 inches from my deployment zone. Richard and Anthony were a bit puzzled. Cough…REVEAL SECRET. Another “essential” spell…

So what was Doozlebat’s spell for his third treasure chest ?

I barely had time to shift round to the side of the table, before Doozlebat had zapped one of Anthony’s war band !

Again Anthony was heading for the treasure in the open grave (deja vu !).

But in a taste of what was to come, Skye (Richard) slew Doozlebat’s apprentice in a surprise shot, which ironically deprived me of one of the few shots I could have had on Doozlebat (unsettled business).

Talking of which, Skye’s minions were trying to take one of my treasure’s, so a small fracas ensued, an Imp thrown in for good measure was easily slain by the diminutive handling war band.

Whilst Anthony’s archer and hound raced out to grab the central treasure….

….which wasn’t there… FOOLS GOLD…thanks Doozelbat (Jim) !

All this treasure taking had however alerted a wild dog which turned up behind Doozlebat. Jim was very relaxed claiming he’d deal with it easily.

But promptly forgot about it, allowing the wild dog to attack the X-bowman and distract him for two turns ! DOH !

Which helped Anthony lug a treasure chest out of harm’s way.

One of Doozlebat’s only treasures rescued.

Meanwhile KIY suffered a minion down due to long range fire from Doozlebat, a minion already injured by an elemental bolt to the face from Skye.

aWALL stopped most of the elemental bolts, but not before a treasure hunter who had killed one of Skye’s minions was put down.

And a third loss for KIY, again long range magical elemental bolts !

And Skye escapes with the treasure !

As did Anthony’s war band.

So the two big hitters got a bit of a mauling from the new comer upstarts. Goes to show that no matter how high a level in frost grave, a few well aimed shots and good dice rolls the mighty can fall.

Nominally i won with 4 treasures, but with minions down, one badly wounded (missing next game), it was won ate a price.

Until next time !

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