FG: The Keep

Byhakee JP & I had a couple of games of Frostgrave yesterday, the first scenario was “The Keep”, which featured four teleportation discs with treasure on them…

My treasure hunter got on to one of the discs to steal the treasure…

And BOING ! ended up on the opposite side of the table…

The Blue K-nigit advanced, and so I decided to tell him to Push off.

And away he went.

back whence he came.

Whilstb a massive scrap occured in the middle of the table. My warhound killed his warhound, but my thugs came off worse against Rangers, Barbarians and Treasure Hunters.

And a summoned Imp, nearly stopped my other Treasure hunter from getting away with the loot.

But with a little help from a friend.

A summoned Wall, finished off the game in the centre.

I’d lost, and indeed lost an archer. I’m still getting used to the game which is very different from Mordheim despite its similarity.

Then we had a second game…

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