FG: The Wyrm Hunts

Working through the standard frost Grave scenarios Byakhee JP & I ended up with the Woyrm Hunt. Bascially, six treasure chests, each potentially unleashing both a random wandering monster and the Wyrm of the title.

Hobbron is now well behind Thaddeuas in terms of magical power – JP has been playing away from home at the H’ford Games Club. (NB: Now clarified he rolled up some different war bands for the club)
So I dtermined to get away with as much treasurea as possibsle.

JP was having nothing of that idea, so summoned an Imp. This outflanked me, so had to be dealt with by a Push spell.

Whilst on the other flank JP’s barbarian moved in, so I had to send my two Treasure Hunters to shore up that side.

My two thugs carrying treasure made good their escape as the rest of the warband covered their retreat.

Meanwhile, JP’s Ranger climbed up to the top of the archway in order to get the treasure chest. I idly commented that, it’d be ironic if I used a Push spell to flick the Ranger off of the top.

Guess what, I for once won the Initiative roll…

…and then proceeded to successfully cast Push, and flick the Ranger 19 inches off of the arch way. JP informed me later that the Ranger was dead (they’re dead Dave, they’re all Dead).

Meanwhile a wandering monster (demon) chewed up one of JP’s X bow men.

And then the Wyrm turned up, only for Thaddeus’ min ions to destroy it in short order !

The Treasure Hunters however, killed both a warhound and the barbarian at the cost of their own lives, the rest of the warband escaped though. A partial victory.

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  1. jp1885 says:

    In my defence I used a different wizard at the club 😀

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