AVBCW Big Game 2016 04 09 The Hunt for Col Mustard’s Memoirs (4)

Overconfidence on my table got the better of both Rob and I.

Rob pushed his barge downstream under the ridge (which is higher up for dramatic purposes as all agreed), whilst my unit whicvh nhad jumped the hedge opportunistically manned the bridge to shoot at the open top tug boat crew – which prompltly also went to the other side of the bridge leaving my unit to get machine gunned to death. Rob commented it was an uncharacteristic imuplsive move by me. Hey ho.

Meanwhile the BUF barge disgorged its unit of troops.

Leading to Rob announcing, as a bunch of scouse socialists, they’d try and board and nick the BUF barge…only for Richard’s BUF mortar to score a direct hit, and sink the “Jenny Marx” barge ! Half the two units of socialists on board drowned, and the survivors were then machine gunned by the BUF as they tried to struggle ashore.

This has made for very interesting negotiations between the BUF and Socialist factions in the post game phase.


The Anglicans stopped the breakthrough by Royalists. Rita’s forces held the hill, mark and Mort held the centre and farm buildings.

Yes, LOVE will conquer all according to one of the Bishop of Ludlow’s followers (it’s a cake decoration). the Shropshire Swain, is trying to woo Miss Nemone Mortimer-Wagstaff. A lady of aristocratic origin whose family controls a swathe of the north of Herefordshire.

Overall, two Anglican victories and a narrow boat victory on my table – the BUF should have pushed forward but got distracted with fighting the Socialist barges. All good fun, but not achieving the scenario objective.

To follow, some links to other gentleman’s blog postings.

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  1. Burkhard says:

    Looking great and sounds like a very fun game!

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