AVBCW: Ramshackle Barn – 2

Ok, so the barn is assembeld and undecoated. Now its base coated with Foundry Bay Brown. And some GW green wash in corners and other places.

And the base is flocked with two types of covering – one for the tracks to the doorways, and then the standard basing.

Oops, the dry brushing with Foundry Granite Light, went a bit wrong on this corner.

Fixed with a wash of green and brown…

The finished barn.

For about four hours work over two days a decent outcome.

I kept it nice and simple – I didn’t use the accessories, nor any of the ivy I could have, simply so I could get this one done and dusted in such a short time. KISS: Keep It Simple, keep it Stupid !

One Response to AVBCW: Ramshackle Barn – 2

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Nice. Impressed by everything I’ve seen from Renedra so far.

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