FG 2018 08 31: Total Eclipse

Aland and I had another games session and we moved on to the Thaw of the Liche Lord to provide some difference.

It was Rinsesoap Washbag vs Shazamm! (the Mighty).

Shazzam’s warband

Rinseoap’s war band with the inevitable bear – always turns up. I should never have sold Alan that model.

The inevitable Telekeniss spell moved the treasure out of my grasp as I moved my band forward.

And when treasure wa picked up, you can guess where the wandering Minor Demon turned up. Yup, right behind me.

The inevitable fate of all war hounds. My ranger and the hound had moved forward to menace Rinsesoap and gain a treasure.

Deja Vu – another treasure hunter goes down !

The Templar did at least kill the Minor Demon.

As my nattily attired their and Tunnel Fighter legged it with some loot.

Meanwhile Rinsesoap’s Archer and Intfantryman were flanking me.

Whilst playing mind games and stealing my treasure.

The Templar meanwhile was covering Shazzam’s strategic withdrawal, and another war hound went down.

A mind controlled archer, attacked Rinsesoap, only to be defeated.

The Templar was defeated by the `barbarian and Infatnryman

But not before a mind controlled bear had been set upon Rinsesoap by Shazam !

I scooted the rest of my war band off, leaving the bear to be downed by the rest of Rinsesoap’s war band – as Alan commented, he had to kill more of his war band than I did !

Result – he won, but at least this time I escaped with three treasure chests.

The Total Eclipse happened, so we each got the extra 50XP as well.

On to the second scenario…

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