Mantic Terrain Crate & Errrr Terrain !

A year ago Mantic did a Kickstarter to create a lot of plastic scenery. Gullible suckers like me and a few mates bought in to it, and it’s arrived/alive !

Delivered first thing (like 8.30am) nice big box.

Unpacked – sadly too hot for the cats to practice box diving.

the crates themselves are fairly robust card boxes, inside an outer card sheath, sao should be good for a few years. I bought a spare one on this basis to replace the increasingly tatty old GW mail order box for my existing scatter terrain.

As you can see, they come with internal dividers, these may need some gluing to make them more robust.

Stacks of library bookshelves, ideal for the Frostgrave Library scenario, and the Maze of Malcor.

Piles of treasure.

Most of the actual scenery pieces are moulded in brown plastic, but some like the treasure are moulded in other colours.

There are some wonky bits, but 90%+ is good to go straight out of the box.

Wizards lair, with figure for size comparison.

All in all a good set of items.

Now all I have to do is paint them all !

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