AVBCW Hereford 2017 11 04 1

As all my AVBCW stuff is in storage, I had to build a new force from scratch (such hardship).

So I ended up with a new Foundry Armoured Car, two sections of Sailors (Warlord & Empress), and one section of Marines (Empress, generic British Infantry).

I represented HRH’s forces as WyRD Force 1 – Wyvern Regional Defence Force.

Complete with HMG and Oekerlon Anti Tank Gun.

Pre-game negotiations yielded an ally in Alan’s forces, including his field gun on a lorry.

And Craig’s LDV force of bee keepers, and Sir Alan Macguffin’s wind powered tank.

Arrayed against us was an unholy alliance of God Botherer’s (Anglicans) and Atheists (Commies). Five of them against us, so we decided to go on the defensive and refuse a flank.

Rob’s Commie horde, complete with Rolls Royce A/C. Seems no expense is spared when it comes to revolutionary warfare. Pity about the poor workers. 😉

GenialJIm’s flying column of Anglican nutters commanded by Professor Alzheimer. (IIRC)

Anglicans under the command of Clive & Gavin.

Tanks, lots of tanks. Some of them even with forward gears.

The table, from afar !

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