WHFB: Dark Elf Cold One Knights

Some of the first Dark Elf figures I got were the original pre-slotta Cold One Riders:

From The Second Citadel Compendium:

As a young lad, I even had to check they were Dark Elves, ‘cos there was no fancy pants interwebnet thing, and i didn’t have any catalogues. I’ve had (and retain) various of the incarnations of the Cold Ones, but was happiest when they brought out the new Cold One Knights as they truly look frightening. gthey’re also plastic multipart kits and can be miex and matched with the other DE kits.

Here’s the first five:

Obviously in my feverish shaking state, I didn’t actually think of them as a unit:

So the Musician has dropped his lance to a charging position.

Here’s the Champion, again I have used the ice blue penant to help tie the army together, avoid becoming a splodgy dismal mass of green, black and silver. The details on the Knights’ armour are gold, the highlights don’t show well on my pictures.

And I really need to get going on some decent transfers for all these black banners !
Only another 35 to go for the current army, and then maybe I can get back to some of those collectors’ items I have stashed away, including pre-slotta versions.

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