WHFB: Xmashammer 2012 Scenery

Just a few comments on the Lustrian themed scenery I used.

The step pyramid is by Ziterades, made of foam comes pre coloured and flocked. Good value for money and I picked it up at Colours a few years back.

The other two objectives, the head and the fallen image are by Monolith Designs, picked up at Partizan several years ago. These were unpainted, so I used Foundry Granite as their base colour.

Vegetation was the usual aquarium plants, chopped/cut off the mats to make things more interesting.

The rock arch was also an aquarium piece I bought from a local Pets at Home.

Of course with such a piece on Day One I teased the players and dared them to go through the arch hinting that there might be yet another surprise for them all. Needless to say there wasn’t. Maybe next time. 😉

I have several pieces of random rocks and jungle terrain picked up at various shows, manufacturers unknown. You can see them either side of the head, and another by the swamp section which is a scratch build with a GW plastic tree.