Wet Palette

Now I had heard of this before, but had not understood what it was. When I visited Byakhee Rich’s Pinning Service last w/e he showed me his wet palette even before I’d bemoaned the fact this hot weather makes dry brushing and highlighting a nightmare – the paint dries so fast it clags up the fine brushes. A real pain when it comes to finer detail !

First get a small pot and some foam, say like a Foundry blister pack pice of foam. Add water so the foam is soaking wet (mate). Not too much water, just so that the foam is knee deep in the water as it were.

Then cut out some baking parchment and put it on top of the foam, and allow it to soak up the water.

You can then daub some paint onto the now moist parchment and use that for your drybrushing. I tested this out today on the Dark Elf characters, and the LK II.

For the characters it worked great, I used the same puddle of flesh paint for the four figures and it is still wet even now some 10 minutes later (upload time of pictures, plus writing this verbiage). Apparently it can keep the paint wet for several hours and if sealed, even longer.

It worked less well for the LK II as that was block painting onto a fresh surface and so (a) soaked up paint anyway) and (b) needed loads of paint.

A handy tip I’ll be using again.