Several games rules use playing cards to determine game events, in particular Went The Day Well ? which we use for AVBCW, and propose to use for BoB/RCW under the moniker Went the Revolution Well ?. For me and some others this is a great idea, but has a downside in that you place the playing cards next to the units, actually on the table. Now, anyone having read the House Rules, will immediately realise this falls foul of my rule regarding having no extraneous rubbish on the table !

Full size playing cards are visually intrusive and large compared with many 28mm units (eg Command, HMG, Artillery etc). So the brain cell had an idea – buy some miniature playing cards

Sorry but I have to…a teenage party featured this repeatedly…and it really is a great track.
So, I went off to Amazon and got some…

As you can see they are less than half the size of the normal playing cards. That’s a Musketeer RCW/WW1 figure for scale purposes, more of which shortly I have been busy with brush and paint.

Six packs for the bank breakingly big sum of £2.33 !

This should reduce the visiual impact of the cards greatly on the games table.


A few weeks ago I sent out a note to all the usual suspects to try and organise some games over the coming months. I sort of assumed we’d do some games round my house with 2, 3, 4 or maybe 5 of us. What actually happened was I got 6 people on one day for AVBCW, so decided to hire the village hall, at which point another 3 people also wanted to come along !

This resembles Bistromathematics:

The first non absolute number is the number of people for whom the table is reserved. This will vary during the course of the first three telephone calls to the restaurant, and then bear no apparent relation to the number of people who actually turn up, or to the number of people who subsequently join them after the show/match/party/gig or to the number of people who leave when they see who else has turned up.

So JP and I have concocted a scenario, altered, altered it again, written a second separate scenario and hve re-written that. The observant will have noticed all this going up on this site under the AVBCW menu.

As we now have several people coming who aren’t au fait with the rules we are using, we are also working on a Platoon generator, that will work for AVBCW/RCW/BoB, the first version is also available for review, so if you’re interested, look, read, reflect, cogitate and comment please.

In the meantime 40 Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys for WHFB are nearing completion along with RCW/BoB terrain.

AVBCW: A little Game at Little Marcle

On Friday Byakhee Gav H and I had a little game to try out some rules we’d been tinkering with loosely based on the newly released “Went the Day Well” rules Ook has produced and that we are bashing into shape for my Back of Beyond game.

A cut down platoon of two units plus command unit faced off against each other – MHC vs BUF.

Gav’s unsophisticated walk straight at them tactic should have spelt disaster.

But a combination of good cards for initiative…

…and good dice…

Saw him win.

A quick and simple game that tested out a few of the new rules we’d dreamt up (mostly his).

Which left time for a quick game afterwards of my BoB rules…

Stay tuned pop pickers…

AVBCW: Battle of Little Hereford (Part Two)

Tym and myself were the BUF defenders, and had to prevent the Commies (JP) and LDV (The Bombardier) crossing the river and taking the station (not represented on table). As we were using Went the Day Well ? rules we each drew a card from a normal pack of cards to decided initiative order for each unit – it is not an “I Go, You Go” set of rules. So you may see cards on the table in some of the pictures, a rare departure from my no extraneous cr@p on the table house rule – something all my guests did adhere to remarkably well, so thanks chaps!

My troops deployed next to the bridge over the river Teme that bisected most of the board, before it turned and ran off the edge after about six foot, which meant Tym and I were squeezed into a small area about 4×3, with the attackers, have the full 8×3 plus a flanking area. On top of this, JP had written some rules for finding fords on the river after an anomalously dry spring…

Tym occupied the large pub and the majority of the area to defend against incursions over these mysteriouisly numerous fords. My Cavalry deplpyed mid way the back read to rush to the rescue of any breaches of our line. Both Tym and I came packing field artillery. Just for once I did not use a tank, much to JP’s annoyance as he came with a tank busting crew.

JP deployed his steam contraption, HQ, HMG and a unit of infantry opposite the bridge in an obvious attempt to rush it. Nice and tightly packed… 😉
Though he did use his brand new spangly T26 and a unit of infantry to menace the long front opposite Tym. Along with a standard bearer and female commissar.

The Bombardier’s non aligned (cough) LDV deployed on my flank.

The game started. Unsurprisingly, I targeted my artillery on JP’s nicely packed troops opposite the bridge and drew the first blood.

The road signs, are morale markers. I took out the HMG, suppressed the revolting workers/infantry, suppressed his HQ unit and knocked out one of the weapons turretts of the steam behemoth…Meanwhile the forces jockeyed for position.

Jp then decided to move his steam contraption forward to bring the second turret HMG to bear. Sadly for him, I had mu BOYS rifle team on Covering Fire, and with a single well aimed shot managed to blow it up !!! Right in front of the bridge thus meaning they would not be able to get any of their impressive looking vehicles across the bridge. Oh woe.

More cases of “target acquired” hove into view, as the LDV marched over open terrain against my BUF defenders:

But JP dealt out some damage with his T26 perched on a hill, and Tym’s Women’s Auxillaries decided to make a well timed temporary tactical withdrawal.

I returned from my brief Beastwatch, to find that I’d lost my flank defenders (one unit of BUF infantry), and had not slowed the LDV’s attack. Tym had immobilised the T26 on the bank of the river by a ford, but it was still firing. The Bombardier’s Tankettes had been shaken up by my troops and diverted through a woodland to the river, where they found another ford. The advancing LDV troops on my flank got to the river, and guess what, found a ford.

However, they were facing down the barrel of my field gun, there was an irregular unit of BUF in the cottage, and my cavalry raced round to shore up the flank.

With predictable results for the LDV…

Meanwhile Tym and JP were exchanging fire as they were locked in a stand off. Tym lost his HMG to a stray shell from the T26. JP tried to send a unit of infantry to support the tankettes, but got shot up by my veteran infantry guarding the bridge, and Tym’s troops in the pub by the bridge. This didn’t stop my rapidly depleted veterans defending the bridge being made to withdraw after being flanked by the tankettes crossing the ford. JP’s troops had dug in on the other side of the board and were being hit by Tym’s stray shells he was aiming at the T26 which remained stubbornly in action all game !

In the end, the Commies and the non-aligned (cough) LDV were driven off and withdrew the one tankette still mobile, and the one LDV troops from outside of the river as they realised they did not have enough forces to exploit their small bridgehead as Tym also brought up his reserve unit of troops to support our flank and front.

Loads more photos here.

The Royalists and BUF in Hereford have not been cut off, and have prevented the strange alliances of forces hostile to the crown from joining up…