Special Guest Superstar DJ: Tomb Kings cont’d

More of Byakhee Stuart’s efforts – and more big beasties !

Warsphinx ‘ Ah-llan’. Sister beast to ‘Bah-Rhi’ the Necrosphinx, this kit is by far my favourite of the new, rather meagre, Tomb Kings range. I wanted a neutral stone look to the main body but something that had enough contrast to stand out from the desert base and not clash with the colour scheme. I eventually went for Charadon Granite, washed black and then highlighted with granite mixed with bleached bone. In this case I had learned from my previous mistakes and painted the gold first, that way any sparkly overspill was subsequently covered up by the main body colour. This had been a problem when I painted my Necrosphinx body first and then attempted to paint the gold afterwards. There was much grinding and gnashing of teeth as a result. The howdah is magnetised to the creature’s body for ‘ease of transportation’ although I have to admit I have not tried this theory out as yet…

Bha’Rhi, Necrosphinx. Monster hunter, the Tomb Kings equivalent of Steve Irwin (R.I.P). I love this kit but had a bit of a [night]mare when painting. I made the mistake of painting the dark green jade stone effect first and then the gold afterwards. BAD idea and we had sparkly bits all over the jade, which if you’re my daughter probably looked cool, but to my eyes was a bit of a disaster. Gold is now the first thing I paint on the larger TK models.

Now that GW are producing multi use plastic kits, I guess we are all tending to get carried away with building every variant possible – I know I have with 3 Black Dragons and riders for my Dark Elves still awaiting completion and then painting.

More to come soon.