WHFB: Totally Armed

I popped inΒ  to GW and picked up the missing arm and a few more.

b-guard 8

The GW manager opened up a fresh box to clip the arm for me after I’d showed him the sprues I had.

Turns out that (assuming the entire batch wasn’t duff), you can’t actually make 10 Black Guard all the same. The assumption is that you will make a command squad 6 identical troopers and one trooper with a different arm. There has been some comment about the lack of options in some of the other GW kits recently. I’ll be going through the Witch Elf/Sisters of Slaughter box very carefully. But it does seem like GW are making kits that are less flexible than before. Which is a retrograde step.

To be fair, the GW manager after discussing this and opening up the box clippeed off the arms I needed for the second boxed set I bought (so I can make a unit of 20). Now I have spare command bitz that I don’t want…

WHFB: Black Guard – Occasionally ‘Armless

Somewhat delayed due the storms cutting my power for all of yesterday PM, I finally finished off assembling the Dark Elf Blackguard:

b-guard 5

Much better at ranking up in a unit, if somewhat stiff and unimaginative in the single pose offered. I used the arm with severed head for the champion instead of the pointy fingered arm.

b-guard 6

For some reason I was one arm short for the rank and file, and looking at the sprues seems I’ve got a command sprue too many. I phoned the local GW store and am going in at the w/e to get a replacement (and an extra box). As I joked with the GW manager I couldn’t field the unit lest I have endless jibes about Black Guard being armless.

b-guard 7

I’ve decided to weight all the bases of plastic figures from now on.

A nice array of component bitz has been harvested in the meantime. πŸ™‚

These look compatible wuth the CoK which are next up…I’m really fed up of piles of sprues of unfinished models !

The Final Famous Five

The final five spearmen I will (hopefully) ever do:


WHFB DE Troops 04 Final Five

I will have built more than 120 of these figures !

The shields are already done and the five of them are being undercoated. To the side are a couple of the old style plastic Dark Elf figures that are being kit bashed with the new plastic banners and arms from various kits.


Having done so many of these figures, I have to say:

There are many copies…


Also started are the first of the new plastic Black Guard which should rank up well, better than the old metal ones.

The Dark Riders are varnished and the new foam trays delivered, so I’ll comment on storage of figures tomorrow (yay!).

These are the last few things I have on the go before the builders return (Floor Wars II). The kitchen floor is due to be resurfaced, walls and woodwork repainted etc… and as a priority customer (!) the insurance company and builders aim to agree costs this week with work starting Monday.

Here is some salt, here is a pinch. πŸ˜‰

WHFB: 2014 02 01 Battle – Empire & Dwarves vs Orcs & Dark Elves – Part 2

We took a break at 7pm to get the takeaway curry in (thanks Gav !).

Whilst Gav was out, I manned his bolt throwers and ironically rolled more casualties in that turn than he had in the game. Mind you…

RXB unit hold the Hippygriffs for another round ! Before succumbing…
The Dwarf miners also were a threat.

The Dark Riders and Warlocks are loose in the back behind the Empire line and bearing down on the Dwarves.
Meanwhile the surviving hippygriffs turned round and massacred the Shades. The Dwarf Miners then moved in to chew up the Orc bolt thrower crews.

The Dark Riders take on the White Wolves. This was going to be a defeat for me, but the Dark Riders had nothing else to do other than tie up a big unit of Empire Cavalry for another round and inflict a couple of casualties. Inevitably, they were defeated and ran off the board…

Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys, joined by the Shaman on Wyvern hold the line against the Reiksguard and second unit of Hippygriffs, to be joined with a flank attack by the CoK unit ! The CoK destroyed the hippygriff unit but were left in limbo, so did an abrupt about turn to face the White Wolves.

CoK vs White Wolves.

The White Wolves blink and go the other way.

The Harpies take on the Grudge Thrower, they are eventually driven off but silence the machine for a couple of rounds.

The Empire Wizard causes a calamitous detonation wiping out 17 Hammerers, just as the CoK unit appear before them….

The game finished just before 9pm. We agreed it was a draw. The Empire and Orc armies had wiped each other out, leaving the Dwarves and Dark Elves on the table. Neither of these were in a winning position. A good time was had by all.

WHFB: 2014 02 01 Battle – Empire & Dwarves vs Orcs & Dark Elves – Part 1

We had another game this Saturday, with four players: Anthony; Gavin A; Rich; and me.

Respectively: Dwarves; Orcs, Empire; and Dark Elves.

Drk Elves & Orcs deploy. We started with relatively good light, but as the gale moved in the light deteriorated so apologies for varying light levels !

Already I realised I’d mucked my deployment up and got units fouled up with each other.

Both sides refused a flank, except for the hippygriff conga line.

Empire k-nigits (who smell of hamsters and elderberries)

The Dwarves huddle together against the superior foe… πŸ˜‰

Whilst my Cold On Knights (CoK) “encourage” the Night Goblin horde forwards…

Goblinoid animosity, wrecked the careful plans, and the Night Goblins surged foward, released the fanatics in their midst, lost nearly half their numbers and attacked the advancing hippygriffs. Throwing caution to the wind my Dark Riders eyeballed the White Wolves in support and shot them…for few casualties.

The Night Goblins were crushed and the hippygriffs advanced. The Dark Riders did a feigned flight behind the Savage Orcs…

The White Wolves charged the Savage Orcs with predictable results.

And another charge, with less predictable results !

Harboth trashedhisenemy in a challenge, and the unit held.

The alliance between Dark Elf and Orc crumbled though.

But the fast cavalry were loose !

WHFB: Dark Riders (Updated)

Finally ! I finished off the first 5 Dark Riders.

Here they are:

The Kits limit your options as to kit bashing, but they do convey a dynamic (fast) cavalry unit in action. The size of the standard is a bit limiting but not a real problem. Overall, nice models.

I’ve used a dark green cloak to help them fit in with the rest of the army, along with the white rune on the banner.

These will be deployed as a 10 man unit.

The next five are nearing completion, along with 10 Worlocks, a unit of BUF plus command and some hedges. I hope the light levels will be better for my next pictures.


A slightly better picture -I may have a third crack at photographing this lot when the next 5 are done. The light levels are very oblique.

WHFB: Xmashammer 2013 – 3 – Day Two

Byakhee Roo, couldn’t make the second day so I stepped in the hustle his remaining beastmen toward the stunties.

The beastmen were jumbled up and constrained in a narrow space. This proved rather important as rather than hitting the enemy with all the units all at the same time, they were fed in piecemeal.

In the middle of the field, the two main Orc regiments were engaged in combat with the stunties.

But their flank was crumbling.

Yup, nearly 40 Rangererers in your face !

The dwarves saw off the orc General, and killed all but the Ogre champion who was locked in a challenge…for the next two turns…holding up the entire unit !

Having defeated Harboth’s, the Dwarf general and his Hammererersers surged forward.

We opted to give the Orcs an additional 500 points of troops (Fyrd, Night Goblins and a stone thrower), and 1000 points to the Dwarves as a stand alone Slayer army from the Storm of Chaos book.

The Black Orcs held out though.

Chaos Trolls waded into the Long Drong Pirate Slayers.

The Dwarf Miners having defeated and run down the Gor Ambushers, then got attached by the Centigors who had finally destroyed the Gyrocopter.

The Chaos Hounds attacked the organ gun, whose crew fought them off !

The Giant pinned the pirate slayers with a flank attack, allowing the Minotaurs to steam in once the Chaos Trolls had been defeated.

The Night Goblins released their fanatics into the Dwarf Longbeards with predictable results, before the Ogre champion finally succumbed.

But the Night Goblins were wiped out by the Hammerers.

At the end of the game (c6pm Sunday) the Dwarves had won. The Beastmen had been constrained due to the scenery and couldn’t get in fast enough, but when they did were very effective. This left the Orcs to take the brunt of the attack. The Gyrocopters caused havoc on the flanks and weren’t picked off quickly enough.

Another enjoyable game !

As oveerseen by the feline controller….

WHFB: Xmashammer 2013 – 2 – The First Day

Initial set ups:

Evil !

T’other end…

Stunty !

Two units of Dwarf Rangers then deployed – one was 40 strong !

The Savage Orcs and Wolf Riders, facing 40 XB armed Dwarf Rangers charge into combat, but bounce off leaving just the Orc Hero to slow down this flank. This leaves 2 Bolt Throwers and 20 arrer boyz in defence. This flank held much longer than expected despite a gyrocopter swooping in.

Flank moves

The Beastmen’s main units get cobbled up and congested behind the scenery. This has a major effect on the rest of the game.

Beastmen ambush the DWarves, to no avail and are quickly driven off.

The Chaos Ogres adided by the Orc General on Wyvern charge into a Dwarven horde.

Some Gors catch 24 Long Drong’s Slayer Pirtates in the flank, but didn’t last long…

The Gyropcopters on the flank mess things up.

Head to head in the centre of the table.

Crunch !

Ambushers turn up

Trolls vs Trolls Slayers – at long last.

Centigors get stuck in to a Gyrocopter.

The centre of the board veers back and forth !

WHFB: Xmashammer 2014 – 1 – SNAFU

The day arrives, our long planned two day Xmashammer extravaganza. 4 players plus myself, each player fielding 5,000 PV armies so people get to bring out lots of toys !

My cleaner had popped round the day before yesterday so everything was spick and span. I’d fixed the toilet even (the builders broke it). I’d set the board up, a mighty 8×4′.

It even passed feline approval from BlackJack.

10.30, a clearly unwell Rich phones up and says he is unwell and cannot attend. Clang, that’s a spanner in the works. Clang, two spanners in the works, because he was going to supply Roo with some figures for the Beastman army.

Anthony arrives, is briefed with the news we’re going to have to make it up on the spot, and he points out he has come with an efficiently packed army and has little leeway for expanding his army. Luckily, I have some stunties and go find them, so at least that wasn’t another spanner in the works.

Gav phones up, and e-mails me his army spreadsheet. Clang, another spanner in the works, the spreadsheet obviously wasn’t saved properly so when he arrives we have to start almost from scratch.

So lots of frenzied re-writes of army lists, and we’re ready to go at 12.00…

As von Moltke commented:

“No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main strength” (or “no plan survives contact with the enemy,”)

Interestingly, von Moltke was also a wargamer.

Towards the end of the year…WIP

Finished off the first two tranches of Dark Elves. I was somewhat delayed as I was helping oversee my parents’ transition to an iMac, from their wheezing grindingly slow PC today. The sales engineer and I did enjoy finding all their archaic hardware and trying to make it work with the new h/ware from this side of the renaissance.

Anyhow – The back rank of the Ladies of Spears:

In the latest edition of WHFB, larger units are the order of the day, so having bought some plastic kits about6-8 months ago finished them off. An all female unit of spearmen. Gold shoulder pads and breast plates distinguish them from the other 40 spearmen.

I then created a new standard bearer for them, using the new standard and transfer. the painting is to wargaming standard, as most of these figures are destined for the back ranks of units, thus being hidden and removed as casualties first. So basic coat of paint, wash and simple highlights only.

In youthful (!) enthusiasm, I had made too many RXB men with the RXBs facing forward, which means they don’t rank up. So I did another 10 of them…very boring…

Just as well I have other things WIP, such as great wing. Lighting is not good, but all the base colour paint, and wash is now done. I hope to both Greatwing and his rider ready for Xmashammer (28/29th), in which I as the host may get to play.