WHFB: Dark Elf Manticore

Been a while for WHFB, but this has been on my WIP table for some time along with a few other larger models for WHFB:

This is the first of two Manticores I have ridden by Beastmasters (as per the 6th Edition WHFB Army Book):

A nice model if tricky to paint.

The photos seem to have reddish hue to the Foundry Bay Brown paint I used on the body.
The wings were painted with my usual black undercoat, Foundry Charcoal Grey highlight followed by a GW Nuln Oil wash. I note the new wash seems to have a gloss effect in the recesses….

The rider is to follow.

Though my local GW shop Manager is nearly trained to my needs, he wasn’t aware that GW did this model ! 😉