WHFB: Dark Elves vs Orcs

Byakhee Gav A and I had a short notice WHFB game today – I used last w/e’s army list due to the short notice and also to test out whether I’d won by sheer blind luck or whether there was some merit in the army list. 3k of PV per side.

Again the so – called horde army deployed completely before I did. I suspect it is because they are using huge blocks of infantry 30-40 strong whereas I have several smaller units. However, and for the first time Gav was using a Giant which I had not anticipated due to his long standing (30 years) antipathy to them, and was not using a single warmachine…again something in common with Jim’s army of the previous Saturday thus potentially rendering my 20 harpies a waste of 220 points…

I deployed my secret weapon – Cat !
Clawed was very nervous and edgy around humans when I rescued him (a stray) so I think it is good he is now confident enough to sit on most of my large, insanitary and noisy byakhees without fear.

The Harpies and the Dark Riders charged into the Orc Wolf Riders, and a terrible grinding combat ensued.

Use it or Lose it ! The first War Hydra surged forward, the Sorceresses did their work and hexed Eeza Ugezod’s Black Orcs (40 strong horde of Black Orcs), reducing their WS and BS to 1, and reducing the S & T by 1. For good measure I took a few out with Blade Wind and some RXB shots. Then I used the War Hydra’s breath weapon (Use it or Lose it). They charged into combat against the Hydra and it got very messy…for them…

Meanwhile, twinkletoes the giant and COK danced around each other to no effect.

Gav managed to roll some lousy Animosity tests that left harboth’s 40 Boyz standing around at the back allowing the second War Hydra and the Silver Talons to march up close.

No, they were still locked in combat, after three rounds ! Orc Wolf Riders, DE Dark Riders and Harpies ground each other down.

The War Hydra defeated the Black orcs and over-ran them. The Spearmen charged the Orc General on Wyvern saw him off, only to ind he returned for more and beat them !

Meanwhile the Dark Riders finally broke the Wolf Riders and rode them down freeing up my flank.

However, Harboth’s having charged the second War Hydra and received a sever mauling got the Silver Talons in the face as well, and were soundly defeated, the Harpies killed the Orc Shaman, leaving the Giant out of the action and just an Orc General surrounded on three sides by a pretty much unharmed Dark Elf army.

I counted about: 4 Harpies dead; 5 Dark Riders; 3 Silver Talons (Spearmen); 12 Spearmen; 2 RXBs; and one War Hydra at half wounds. In return I’d killed: 40 Black Orcs; 40 Big ‘Uns; 20 Savage Orcs; 10 Wolf Riders; a Lvl 4 Shaman; and an Orc General missing half his wounds.

So the same army did another decisive victory. Luck ?

Not with those dice !
True Gav’s Animosity rolls had hampered him, but his plans and deployment were sound.
I think I might have a half decent army list here.
Well until next time. 😉

Louis, fired off a load more pictures available here.

My mate Mort also turned up to collect his Cossacks, and drool at the train, he was impressed by the scene of carnage !

WHFB: Dark Elf Beastmasters

Under the previous army rules Beastmasters were a hero type, but pretty useles to be honest their only use being to ride Manticores. The other use they had was with War Hydras. Now I’ve painted the War Hydras previously, so thought I’d better get rund to painting the Beastmasters to go with them:

These are the previous versions of the Beastmasters – I’m not to keen on the current ones but these are in the pipeline as well.

My mate Rich pinned the arms as yes, they are separate and joined at the shoulder and so look at them and they fall apart.

Again, like the Bolt Thrower crew I have colour coded them painting the tabbards different colours.

After many mistakes playing them in WHFB v8, under the new rules the received wisdom is:

  • The beastmasters more or less function as chariot crew under WHFB 8th ed rules.
  • War Hydra Beastmasters may not be targeted either by magic, missile of close combat attacks EVER
  • Beastmasters are not subject to the randomised hits (1-4 5-6) rules, EVER
  • All wounds are targeted at the Hydra, so it must be against T5, Scaly skin 4+ save, and regeneration….
  • However, there is not an additional 2 x 1 wounds….once the Hydra takes 5 wounds everything is removed….
  • Therefore, until the War Hydra is dead, you always get 2 x 3 = 6 attacks from the two Beastmasters ( I thought they only had two….but their statline is A:2, and their scourges have a Special Rule giving them an Extra Attack that is Armour Piercing)
  • So an unharmed War Hydra gets the following attacks:
    – I5, A(2+1) x 2 = 6 (two Beastmasters)
    – I2, A7 = 7 (one Hydra)
    – Thunderstomp d6 attacks

Words of wisdom to the contrary please…

Again, due to the poor light levels, the pictures show a much more pink version of the skin tone I use for Dark Elves which is usually Foundry Expert Flesh C, highlighted with D