WHFB: 2015 11 07 Oldhammerish – 2

So combat had been engaged, and neither army really had an advantage in the shooting phase.

One Eyed Sally, my Thane, armed with a magic weapon as Jim had guessed, charged the Wraith and dispatched it quickly enough.

By this point I thought I’d get the Zombie horde in my face but inexplicably Jim retreated them along with the Tomb King Necromance, only for him to fail to get much in the way of magic down my throat – I think I lost about 6 figures on total in the magic rounds in the entire game.

This was balanced by continuing bad LD rolls…

I did however pass my LD test, when removing BlackJack from the table and depositing him on his throne.

The Juggernaught meanwhile took a sideswipe from the Blood Knights, Vampire and BSB.

The Ghoulies got charged by my DRagon Guard, whilst the Runesmith and last skeleton rider danced around each other.

The Pony Express charged in as did the Flank Guard, making a mass brawl on the right flank.

Only I lost combat, the Flank Guard bouncing off the Blood Knights, failing their Ld test (6 & 5) and running away.

And then Jim’s Giant Scorpion turned up.

And attacked the cannon crew.

The Juggeernaut was finally knocked out, allowing the Blood Knights to side charge the Pony Express, who promptly broke.
(another 6 & 5 for LD)

Things were getting snippy, the Engineer being the last standing member of the cannon crew.

One Eyed Sally, and the Double Tap Crew charged into the Grave Guard, who were joined in short order by the Blood Knights with inevitable results..

But the Dragon Company had knackered Jim’s Ghoulies, even after a side charge by the bats had been seen off.

The remaining Grave Guard followed up into the now recovered Rangerererers, and got wiped out.

Getting ahead of themselves the Vampire and BSB engaged in combat with the Dragon Guard, who I had armed with a magic weapon – to no avail, I predictably failed my fear test (another 6 & 5), but held on in there by sheer numbers.

Whilst the X-Bow Factor led by Shambles, were attacked by the Giant Scorpion and the rallied bats, who were destroyed and beaten off respectively.

Yoric Yaffle, flees from the still inept skeleton bowman…

The End.
I had 10+ X Bows including a Thane, a full compliment of Rangers, 15+ Dragon Company plus Thane, and I’d rallied the 15 Flank Guard. Jim, only had a unit of Zombies, the skull chucker which had done SFA all game and a couple of Blood Knights.

A narrow victory to the Dwarves was declared.

By mixing up different units and armiesw we’d had a really fun time and constantly surprised each other.

The Juggernaught rules need reviewing, but had not unduly unbalanced the game – the4y just weren’t coherent. Seeing lots of old lead on the table on both sides was great fun as well.

Gratuitous Cat photo – BlackJack inspecting the Dwarven positions and the deadly d4 ! 🙂

WHFB: 2015 11 07 Oldhammerish – 1

Byakhee Jim & I had a game Saturday before last (yes its taken this long to edit the photos).
Only a small game of 2k per side of PV.

Very much in the flavour of Oldhammer – he was combining disparate units of Vampire Counts andf Tomb Kings, whilst I wass fielding units like the Steam Juggernaut and Pony Express on the Dwarven side.

Cutting a long story short, we have a complete blast and really enjoyed ourselves.

Jim ominously laid a d4 dice behind my lines – a sure sign something nasty would pop up…

Even cannons in defence works can pivot !
yes, I was using the old DS-1 set. 🙂

The Regiment of Renown – Dragon Company, whose rules we loosely agreed beforehand – +5PV for the brace of pistols each trooper carried. I did a standard magic weapong. The standard bearer/standard was not magical, maybe it should have been.

Jim sent bat swarms down one flank to tie up one of my units (15 Quarrellerererers)

And then flopped his Ghoullies out in the centre of the table.

The bat swarms were halted by the arrival of my secret unit – BlackJack ! He decided his tactics of sitting on Jim’s car had not worked the previous two times so he simply lay down on the table.

The Dwarf Steam Juggernaut smashed into the skeletons… Grave Guard unit. As the first Warhammer adverts said: “Let’s smash skulls !”

Unbreakable, the juggernaut lost combat but had reduced the Grave Guard in numbers. Rules were “experimental” to say the least.

Who cares ?

Meanwhile, Jim attempted to charge his Wight at the Rangers who failed their Terror test and ran away. This was a recurring pattern in the game – I seemed able to roll either 6 & 5, or 6 & 1 on 2d6. Jim was at this point realising that my other Dwarf unit closing on on the Wight might just possiblyn have a hero armed with a magical weapon. The last rmeaining Tomb Kings mounted archer meanwhile went on a Runesmith hunt.

Close – Up.

More to follow as the photos slowly upload.

AoS: Games report

Here’s a battle report or two from Byakhee Stuart for Age of Sigmar:

t might be worth mentioning that we’re only occassional gamers – which is partly why AOS has ticked a few more boxes with us than with regular WFB gamers. That’s my get out clause anyway 🙂

So here we go:

It was good actually but we got a bit confused and got the combat sequence all very wrong. I have since played an enjoyable demo game in the local GW store.

First observation, it’s very, very different.
Second observation, it’s very, very simple compared to WFB.
Third observation, it was fun.

This chimes with other AAR I have read on the ‘net.

Okay the game with my Son (15 and has been playing dwarves since he was 11), was fun. The freedom to pick what you wanted to put on the table was nice and for the first time ever he wheeled out the anniversary White Dwarf – the one with Grombrindal being held alot by Josef Bugman and Gotrek. Previously that would never have happened due to points restrictons. I put out a fairly tepid Undead Legion with 20 warriors with spears, 10 achers, 10 zombies, a Tomb King, a ‘Death Wizard’, some Morghast Archai and some Verghast big bat flappy scary things and Grumpy Moira, a banshee. Cam fielded some 10 Irondrakes, 20 warriors, 20 Longbeards , Anvil of Doom and a Volley Gun. I was somewhat outmatched BUT crucially I could ‘raise’ new units per magic phase – which I did several times.

The hero phase, movement, shooting and magic is simple. Close combat is where it went wrong.

You might know that you have to roll a D6 at the start of each turn to see who goes first. That’s new and more like LOTR. That was fresh and made the game unpredicatable. It’s hard to think two and three steps ahead when you know you might not get a chance to take the initiative. Well, on the basis of that we assumed naively that when it came to combat the player who’s turn it was got to hit first with all his units. That’s wrong.

I have since found out that this is incorrect. Crucially you have to choose which unit you want to ‘activate’ first and then your opponent gets to choose which unit to activate and fight in combat – not necessarily the one that’s just been beaten up. yes. That’s where you stop and think ‘who do I want to blat first, who is the greatest threat or who do I stand the best chance of wiping out next’

To explain. For example Cam charges his grombrinal unit with his Longbeards into my Morghast Archai. The stunties dish out the wounds and one of my Archai dies in a puff of ash. Now it’s my turn to activate a unit and kick some stunty butt. I could choose the one remaining Archai to seek revenge but I know he’s not going to take a battering again this turn. So I look to the other side of the table and charge my Tomb King and his unit of spearmen into a unit of Dwarf warriors to hopefully do enough damage to make them run away or severly deplete their numbers. I hit them and dish out a few wounds. Once I’ve finished blatting him there, Cam activates another unit and gets his Irondrakes to give my Verghast batty things a punch in the chops. And so on until everyone in combat has fought.

Then it’s a battleshock test or each unit that has taken casualties – bit like the old leadership test but both sides do it as there’s combat res as such. Crucially instead of the whole unit running away and being overrun some times – only a few models quit the field whilst the rest stay in combat. I think , for each unit, it is the number of casualties +D6 – minus the Bravery stat. So if I lost eight TK warriors in combat that turn and rolled a 4, that would be a total of 12 (I do maths me). From that 12 I take the bravey stat, which for a TK warrior is 10. That leaves 2. Therefore 2 TK warriors ‘run away/flee or my case clatter to the ground in a pile of bones. that means in total I’ve lost 10 TK warriors that turn ( 8 ‘dead’ and 2 ‘run away’). Your generals of course countermand and your rank and file can use his Bravery if within 12 inches. I think…

That’s how it should have been. What happened in game was me twiddling my thumbs waiting for a chance to do something in combat and when I did attack with my zombies I found they were crap – hitting on a 6 and wounding on a 6. Not happening.

This is an interesting set of comments and some nuances I had not really picked up from simply reading the rules.

It’s worth trying. WFB as we know is not going any further, so stick with 8th ed for the big games. But if you want a bit of fun AOS is the way forward. We were done in an hour and a half.

So a qualified thumbs up from an occasional games player. As i’ve stated before, I’ll give the game a go but am skeptical it will be the sort of game that I could enjoy during in depth prolonged battles – but we shall see.

Special Guest Superstar DJ: WHFB The Golden Host of Mahrak

One from Byakhee Stuart:

I’ve just finished another End Times Tomb Kings regiment – the Golden Host of Mahrak.  After being cursed to eternal undeath and being from a prosperous and ostentatious city their skeleton warriors marched through pools of molten gold.

Most of the warriors have been painted head to toe in gold although some bone still shows where the skellie didn’t get fully submerged. Spears and headrests painted black fir contrast sake.

The freehand shields took a while but I am happy with them. I should have another regiment with you soon….ish.

Good stuff, an has inspired this slacker to pull his finger out…

Special Guest Superstar DJ: More Tomb Kings

Byakhee Stuart has been busy with the End of Times stuff, and after much carping on costs splashed out on one of GW’s new models – Nefereta.

I particularly like the colouring on the bones – bones aren’t white ! One of my other mates is an archaeologist and regularly sends me macarbre pictures of bones he’s dug up.

The Tiomb Kingsa re an army I have little knowledge of, but seem quite interesting from what little fluff I have read of them -0 Stuart is keen on them though and that shows in his painting.

And here are some of his Tomb Warriors, and he is planning on merging is Vampire Counts and Tomb KJings armies in line with the End of Times schtick.

Special Guest Superstar DJ: Tomb Kings cont’d

More of Byakhee Stuart’s efforts – and more big beasties !

Warsphinx ‘ Ah-llan’. Sister beast to ‘Bah-Rhi’ the Necrosphinx, this kit is by far my favourite of the new, rather meagre, Tomb Kings range. I wanted a neutral stone look to the main body but something that had enough contrast to stand out from the desert base and not clash with the colour scheme. I eventually went for Charadon Granite, washed black and then highlighted with granite mixed with bleached bone. In this case I had learned from my previous mistakes and painted the gold first, that way any sparkly overspill was subsequently covered up by the main body colour. This had been a problem when I painted my Necrosphinx body first and then attempted to paint the gold afterwards. There was much grinding and gnashing of teeth as a result. The howdah is magnetised to the creature’s body for ‘ease of transportation’ although I have to admit I have not tried this theory out as yet…

Bha’Rhi, Necrosphinx. Monster hunter, the Tomb Kings equivalent of Steve Irwin (R.I.P). I love this kit but had a bit of a [night]mare when painting. I made the mistake of painting the dark green jade stone effect first and then the gold afterwards. BAD idea and we had sparkly bits all over the jade, which if you’re my daughter probably looked cool, but to my eyes was a bit of a disaster. Gold is now the first thing I paint on the larger TK models.

Now that GW are producing multi use plastic kits, I guess we are all tending to get carried away with building every variant possible – I know I have with 3 Black Dragons and riders for my Dark Elves still awaiting completion and then painting.

More to come soon.