BoB/RCW: Cossack Standards

In preparation for June’s Big Game of BoB, I’ve done some Cossack Infantry Standard Bearers:


  • Don Cossack Host
  • Kuban Cossack Host
  • Terek Cossack Host

These are all Copplestone Castings models with steel pin standards and colour print out flags edged with paint.

The Don Cossacks started out as the most organised and independent of the Cossack Hosts partially due to their size and support from the Germans, but after initial losses to the Bolsheviks in 1918 were largely subordinated to the Volunteer Army/AFSR. The Kuban Host was less organised, but remained independent before crumbling along with the AFSR in 1920. The Terek Host was the least numerous and least well organised.

I also did some more Shock Troops for command squads:

These are all Brigade Games figures.

Apart from the Lewis LMG guy who is Copplestone.