WHFB: Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 – Part Five B

Well Rich had a go at the cunning plan for the juggernaut – place a sheet of steel cut in to the shape of the main deck, cover the greenstuff and sculpt to make it look like the wooden deck.

He did two templates, one from thin sheet steel – this was on the edge of working.
He did a second template using metal tape – this was not really working.

So he’s gone back to the sheet steel option but using liquid greenstuff to make that layer even thinner.

In the meantime, as you can see I have been starting to paint the crew and passengers. I’ve tried to work in a common theme of blue clothing and some brass work on all the models to keep the putative army colour scheme going. Cloaks/ponchos are dark green, not least because the norse looking dwarf with axe was one of the first models I bought and originally painted with an (enamel) green cloak.

Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 – Part Five: a cunning plan and Juggernaut Conversions

The Dwarf Juggernaut project continues.

Byakhee Rich has removed the bases of the four original crew, and 6 or so assorted pre-slotta Dwarves, and then added magnets to their feet.

As you can see these tiny magnets are pretty good, the sheet they are on is a plate of thin steel. So far so, good, but…

Making Plan A on how to attach these figures to the main deck threw up the issue that they are all unique models with unique footings, and he’d have to drill and embed ~20 magnets into the deck and then that’d totally determine which figure went where. Which would have been a bit constraining.

Rich’s plan B, was to have small strips of steel put on the deck. Very fiddly and visually intrusive.

We discussed this yesterday, and Byakhee Anthony was there – he’s a Dwarf General of decades standing so is taking a keen interest in this project. On hearing that the steel sheet that Rich has, could be cut using scissors, he made the innocent yet brilliant suggestion that we should simply cut out a steel sheet that covers the entire deck, meaning every figure can be placed anywhere on the deck.

Rich & I were stunned at this (now obvious) suggestion, but realised it was so cunning you could hang a tail on it and call it a fox.

So, Rich has one of the unassembled juggernaut decks to cut an appropriate shaped piece of steel out and fit. The next problem to resolve is to work out how to cover the steel piece with a covering to mimic the wooden grain of the original deck.

So we plan to either:

  • Cover it in a layer of liquid greenstuff and mark in a wooden grain effect
  • Cover it in a printed paper wood grain effect (yup, those magnets are strong enough to work through paper!)

On a related note:

Rich, in building his Empire Army, has also been poking around the dustier recesses of the internet and found a collector with a passion for steam tanks, and who has unwittingly acquired and converted some Dwarf Juggernauts !

And one for his Dwarves:

Rich has aksed for some better pictures from this chap…I spotted at least one of the pre-slotta Dwarf Bolt Thrower crew on the second one !

(NB: If you are the owner of these items, please get in touch, even if it is to ask for me to remove your photos from my blog)

Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 – Part Four

This is a big beast of a kit. I’ve opted to paint to wargaming standards the various decks before gluing them together.

An example is the lower deck, where we have a pile of coal that would be completely obscured once the upper and steering decks are added on top:

So what I’ve done is glue the two main decks together, along with the front wheels.

The steering deck, and boiler are still loose, but you can see where they go.

To help maintain structural integrity I’ve provided a base, using a spare plastic base tray cut to size. Nothing is true in terms of angles for this model, so there have been a few additions to the base to make it all work out.

The crew remain unpainted as they will be added in places you can’t get to normally. Similarly the “passengers”.

It gets deployed tomorrow, with a few more imporvements ! 🙂