WHFB: Dark Elf Heroes on Cold Ones

In preparation for an unexpected game tomorrow, I decided to finish off two Dark Elf (DE) heroes on Cold Ones.

The first is the standard Citadel DE hero on Cold One:

Straight out of the box. Used purple for the cloak and mount’s paraphenalia. Of course, any sensible general would opt for a Sea Dragon Cloak, to get to the magical 1+ armour saving throw…Maybe next time for the conversion job.

Again, gold has been used to pick him out as a character.

Next up is the conversion job for a Hero carrying the Army Battle Standard. I used:

  • the Hero on Cold One as a starter, the Cold one and legs are integral;
  • a Cold One Knight plastic torso – the champion one which has a raised arm;
  • a Corsair standard, nice and big and flashy, as befits the Army Battle Standard;
  • to support the standard, I used the sword arm, and glued the two together to provide the standard with support;
  • Adding the head, I used the fanciest and largest antler horns available, and glued them to the standard as well, to provide more support.

The support from the sword/arm, and the helmet horns help give a lot of support to the plastic standard which otherwise would be very delicate.

Again for painting I went for the classic Purple and Gold.

Now, what could I do for the flag itself ?


But in ice blue to fits in with the rest of the army.