WHFB: Dark Elf Sorceress

Along with the DE Chariot crew and Beastmaster’s, Byakhee Rich’s Intensive Care & Pinning Unit took in a Sorceress I painted a few years ago and has been neglected on my painting desk after suffering an accident that rendered her ‘armless ! This is the option with a short hydra headed magic wand.

She’s an Avatars of War miniature. Comes with separate head for her dragonette familiar (!), head and two arm options. And the arm is connected at the elbow, so they really need pinning. If any sculptors out there read this, please make arm options join at the shoulder if possible with good strong surface areas and or deep joints to pin them !

In time, I will build the other option with outstretched hand

WHFB: Dark Elf Sorceress

Ages ago I bought a figure, part painted it, and then let it slide back into one of the cases, only to find it again recently when tidying the playroom up.

I think it is a figure from the Celtos range that Kev White did most (all ?) of the sculpting for. No idea what it was meant to be originally, but it looks sufficiently like a Dark Elf for me to buy and paint as one…

Again, using my army’s paint scheme, I have used the ice blue robes, and dark green…

With the magic fire coming from her hand as bright green (warpstone), and gold to indicate she is a Hero/Lord/not one of the cannon fodder.