Shiney Stuff

Not new figures, but I received a new Mac today (early at 8am) which was quite good as I had only ordered it at 2pm the previous day. Emptying the box:

Guess what we can see…yes that’s right, scenery.

Forget the shiney notebook, that’s now of secondary importance, four corner pieces of hard cardboard that can be turned into Laserbun scnery, excellent !

As the older reader will remember, the original Rogue Trader had a good comment on this tendency:

Not so shiny, was the power extension cable I rooted out of the garage after 10 years…looks like it needs cleaning.

I’m using it for both the laptop and the photo box, so It really does need dealing with.
The rest of today has been wasted setting up and configuring the new laptop.

AVBCW: A chance find, and a status update for Herefordshire….


Just a quick posting, when I Hit the Bright Lights of the Big City, I visited Hellfrauds, and next to it was a new(ish) Hobby Craft store which I decided to have a wander round.

Its one of those stores that you’ll find something in that you didn’t know you wanted. In my case, wandering down the aisle with the dolls house’s accesories (as you do), I found a roll of printed paper that looked ideal for paving slabs for AVBCW (or even BoB or any other C20 conflict). Here’s a slice of it:

It’s actually described as slate tiling, though no roof slates were ever arranged in that pattern in my experience ! They’re just about the right size as well for 254/28mm figures: 1cm x 1.5cm which equates roughly to a 2’x 3′ paving slab which is common enough in old Blighty – I have a couple round the side of the garage for projects in the garden.

I’d been scratching my head on how to produce some pavements for AVBCW scenery, the OO/HO scale is too small, and too expensive. So at a price of £2.99 this roll of paper is ideal.

It is available from: The Dolls House Emporium. I suspect there are more scenery gems to be found from this manufacturer !

It’ll need a bit of weatehring, but looks to be a cheap and ideal option to create some pavements for AVBCW.

Hereford 1938

JP has updated his blog with events in Herefordshire. He generally covers western, central and southern areas of the county whereas I am more focused on the east and the Malverns (which technically is in Worcestershire).

This is a key issue with AVBCW: the players (gentlemen) are the ones driving the narrative in their own localities. So JP, myself and others are free to make up stuff and map out our own campaigns with out own quirky ideas.

We’re also gearing up for a game with four of us to extend our narrative towards the borders with north Worcestershire and Shropshire.

Monsters, Zebus, Hills and Mice

Marty Feldman’s Monster sketch:

I can’t connect with this sketch at all, this never happens to me when I take one of my feline miscreants to the vets. They’re always quiet, docile, never trash the contents of their cat box, and certainly never draw blood by reaching out through the bars and slash me (or passers by) with their claws.

A grossly under-rated comedian, Marty Feldman also appeared in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein.

Here’s the second version of the Zebu, as described earlier. This time with the top hatch open.

For my sci-fi stuff, I have some flat chipboard 4×2′ boards, painted but not very exciting. I had a spare GW plastic hill, so I used the baseboard emulsion paint for the abse, coat followed by Foundry Granite, some GW Thrakka Green wash for the gullies, Foundry Slate for the stone flanks and then some dried grass static grass.

For 15mm scale, this gives quite a good sized hill, with some interesting terrain, as you can see from the size of the two figures on the top.

Whilst writing this post, my Furry Feline Fiends, have brought home the Food.

Yum !
Just what I wanted after my sausages, mash and ratatouille…
They say that cats bring home their prey to their Human owners/servants because they are teaching us how to hunt and get proper food. That was the third mouse in 30 minutes, so I guess they found a nest and systematically brought it home to me. I suspect, tomorrow morning I’ll find the rest of the Family Mouse scattered around the front door and back door in various states of dismemberment.

Weathering Weathertop

Here’s my first attempt at weathering my Weathertop (Amon Sul) model:

The ubiqutous GW Devlan Mud, and also some Thrakka Green which I think I got carried away with.

And then some leaf litter.

Looks better I think. Now all I have to do is grind my way through the dozen or more pieces. That should make a hefty in road to the 5 remaining bottles of Devlan Mud I have stacked up !

Scenery: 4Ground Shed

At Colours, I bought a 4Ground shed. They are a relatively new company, specialising in laser cut MDF kits. You can buy painted and unpainted versions of their kits. As Scenery Boy, I was intrigued.

The pieces pop out easily with minimal trimming.

And are easy to put together.

There’s a lot of left over MDF, which must be useful for something…yup I chopped it up to make the scenic base for the kit, just a covering of paper, roughcoat and then paint made it sturdy enough.

Roof is removable, and the door is also movable.

A quick coat of Foundry Rawhide, GW Devlan Mud (as ever), and some quick highlighting. The detailing of the wood panelling still shows through ok. Finished with some bushes to one side.

The inside has a different mix of flock to represent stone/aggregate as the floor, not just soil.

Ideal for BoB and AVBCW, as a rural shed. I left the roof removable, so I can hide stuff in there for scenario purposes. I got it for the princely sum of £5, and consider it well worth the money.

I went back for more – to be continued later…

Scenery Storage

Ok, so this week I produced another half dozen of my scenery pieces mounted on CDs as I have described previously. Now where am I going to store them – cheap but still fragile I don’t just want them lying around. I’m also tidying the playroom up so my cleaner can go in there next week.

Yes, half a dozen – not everything I do or make goes on this blog, I like to think I have some quality criteria for the content here ! 😛

Luckily,I buy some of my food from a local firm that specialies in gourmet foods (yeah, sorry, I don’t live off of pizzas), and they serve up their food in large boxes (usually 12 portions +) in sturdy cardboard boxes about three inches deep.

That are just about right to store scenery in.

They’re obviously stackable, so that means we save room, keep them free from dust and damage and also we can label them according to type. I might even get round to spraying them different colours for easy recognition.

The Byakhees when offered some were eager to have them, so that’s also a vote of confidence. The vendor I deal with was giving them away for free as well. So we save him some trouble of disposing of them, save the environment from yet more damage, and save ourselves some hassle of storing scenery. All in all a good move ! 🙂

Colours 2012 – my experience

Well the last post was the basic what it was like to go to the wargames show. This is more about my actual experience, and what the benefits are.

Newbury is a “toidy step” and takes some time to get there so it really is an annual pilgrimage for Anthony & I. So why do we do it ?

See New Products and New Companies in the metal/plastic/resin/paper

I have an aversion to buying new products sight unseen. I wouldn’t buy a new house without seeing it. Clever paint jobs and blurred photos (or absent photos) on the internet are no replacement for seeing new stuff for real, especially when its from a new company.

Antenocitis Workshop was one such trader where I picked up a load of new product – they’ve been a good supplier for scenery material but have now branched out into sci-fi stuff, so i got some of their new 15mm hab units and other gubbins. I also had a chat with them about some things which was illuminating.

Reduce P&P costs, and get Show specials

Yup you can pick a lot of show specials, and I did. GZG even had a free take your pick box of their 15mm figures, which required no purchases – just literally help yourself.. I didn’t, I know their figures are really worth it.

As Scenery Boy, I usually buy a lot of scenery at shows, ‘cos P&P is very high on large scenery pieces I like to buy. So Critical Mass Games got visited for more alien 15mm scenery. They were a bit p!ssed because being next to the front door, they’d been screened for a while by a wall of stewards for the first hour or so.

To be Sociable

Anthony & I have been mates for nearly 30 years and whislt we meet regularly for wargames sessions we don’t have time to talk often about other topics, so as my mobile phone seems to be heading for Silicon Heaven and we had a good chat about the benefits if iPhones, Android Phones, iPads and so on as we are both techies to different degrees and on different subjects.

Attending Colours also allows me to meet up with various online acquaintances as well. So the AVBCW demo game got a vist and I met up with Tym, Tom, Ook, and for the first time Mick A.

A face to face chat is always better than anonymous e-mails and forum postings, especially when we are trying to re-arrange BG-5.
AVBCW from another angle:

Anthony & I also met up with another former work colleague, and it seems we might be able to arrange some games with him now we have his contact details.

Oh, and the best thing about the wargames show is getting the shiney stuff. I always limit myself by taking cash only – usually the traders only accept cash anyway due to lack of access to card readers. But it does mean I have a strict budget. Otherwise, there is a tendency to go completely mad, it’s like the dream we all have of finding a model shop that has everything we ever dreamed of and more ! Sadly that dream usually ends in a rush to the cash point and then racing back to be unable to find this mythical shop.

Here’s today’s haul. Not going to go through it item by item, but you’ll see a lot of this stuff as new projects in the near future. 🙂

best of all I came home to a new CD of music….more of which later…

Scenery: Chaos Gate

Some time ago I bought on evil-bay a cheap plastic gate, probably from Heroquest or one of the other GW/MB boardgames from the early 1990’s. There was a gleam in Scenery Boy’s eye for a scenery item…and having found it on Thursday decided to act to turn this into reality.

I used the usual CD base idea, added the gate and then chopped up some spare movement tray pieces to make the paved approaches to the item.

I didn’t want to do a plain grey gate, I wanted to stand out, and therefore went with Red. I gave it a good wash with Baal red, and though got carried away with it (the wash) pooling either side of the uprights decided that was good, because obviously as a Chaos gate, it would be oozing blood in a distinctly unpleasant manner.

I gave it a second coat and then highlighted it. Then I used bronze to really make it look weird and all Chaos-y.

I’ll have to write up some simple rules so we can use it as a game piece in WHFB.

I used the dried grass effect, as I guess being this near to a Chaos Gate is not environmentally friendly.

A nice cheap piece of scenery !