BoB/RCW: Command Elements I

Been busy painting command units for the forthcoming BoB/RCW game – it seems I am providing 3 armies to the Lead Leeches, as well as my own !

First up, a couple of Kuban mounted standard bearers:

Copplestone White Russian Cossacks.

These are part of the massive box of cavalry I am refusing to shift from the kitchen until the entire contents is finished – I oipened the box after 8 years and found the entire contents unpainted and unused. After three weeks of promising my cleaner it will be removed, it is now getting embarrassing. She’s back on Monday, so stand by for more Cossack Cavalry goodness.

Some more Infantry support elements. These are Musketeer WW1/RCW Infantry Characters, namely Signallers (which will e observers for artillery), Ammunition carriers, and Medics.

As you can see, I have painted two sets for ordinary White Russians and one for more Colourful White Russians. Another set will be for Cossacks forces, and a fifth will be for the Shock Troopers. Both are well advanced along with HMGs and one of the mortar units,.

More on the way…and will try for better photos…

BoB Shock Troops, the second unit UPDATED

Well as indicated I have done a second unit of Russian Shock Troops for my BoB armies.

First few photos are here, and I’ll amend this posting tomorrow when the full unit is done.

Here are two standard bearers. One I’ve done with the Russian tricolour, and the second I’ve done with the standard that seems to be typical of the shock troopers, with the deaths head.

I couldn’t find any copies of this standard on the internet, so I made my own using Google Translate (1st Company, Shock) to translate into Russian. I have since manipulated the graphics a bit more but it looks good enough.

Here’s the full unit including commanders, and I added some stick grenades from the Warlord/Bolt Action German Infantry plastic kit to bulk them out as I thought the original troops were a bit light on them:

I painted them with black Gymnasterkas, as noted in the White Armies of the Russian Civil War book (Deryabin/Hillman) officers of the General Staff began to wear them in 1916 onwards and these were the oficers that went on to join the White cause. As many of the shock troopers and Colourfull regiments also used black, it seemed a good way to differentiate this unit from the first one I did.

I am awaiting the new transfers from Brigade Games to complete this unit.

BoB/RCW: White Artillery and some scenery pieces

Louis the camera, got an outing today to take some photos of newly finished scenery pieces, and the second White Russian artillery piece I’d painted:

I still need to get to grips with the technical aspects of the new camera (Louis), but the focus is much better. Lighting remains an issue.

As you can see I replaced the officer for this second artillery piece, with a different one from the Copplestone White Officers pack (BC25). I have a third artillery piece to build which will make a full battery, asnd which will probably be actually deployed only once or twice in my life !

In preparation for my planned Back of Beyond Big Game in June I ordered and started building some scenery pieces. Whilst the Ukriane and parts of the Don are part of ther “Black Earth belt”, other areas are very much more steppe and semi desert regions, and as my BoB figures must also do service in central Asia, Mongolia and Manchuria I use a lighter soil mix for the bases…so obviously as Scenery Boy I need a different set of Trees! for this game…

Again I went for Woodland Scenics trees from Antics, and the scale chart indicates they are 24-32′ high on an O/S scale which is roughly 28mm.

Which looks more realistic for the figures.

The trees will be situated around the buildings on the battlefield, as open steppe of the Don, Kuban and Kalmyk regions is obviously grassland and any trees would be planted around settlements.

BoB/RCW: White Command II

Here are some figures for my White Command unit, to lead their ragged troops into battle:

One of the standards has slipped a little as you can see – somenthing you notice in a close up photo like this is totally unseen when deployed on the table. The second more animated standard is the St Andrew’s flag that was occasionally used and was also the standard of the Imperial Russian Navy.

A Brigade Games and an Artizan figure – a medic, and a mad officer wielding two mauser pistols (one with snail magazine). I painted the Officer’s ‘tache white, like the one in Dr Zhivago.

Get back in your ranks !!
Even more officers !

One’s from Brigade Games, the rest are Copplestone. As you should notice, the right hand one is the officer from the White Field Gun. I swapped him with another White Officer to make the command and artillery units more varied.

BoB: More revolting Bolsheviks

As part of my plan to get through figures and paint them as I find them, here are some Bolsheviks, even though they aren’t per se part of this year’s painting plan.


I had to check I wasn’t missing a crewman – the Bolshevik gun crew by Copplestone (BU6) only has 4 crew, whilst the White gun crew number 5:

A Bolshevik standard bearer:

The slogan is “Forward !“:

Nice figures.
Some White command and artillery tomorrow.

BoB/RCW: White HMG

Straight forward paint job on a Coppletone White Russian HMG (BC26):

As usual based on an old GW flat plastic base about 60mm wide.

Painted in dull khaki for my ragged White Russian army which is nearing completion.

Just the command and artillery to do, which will be coming up shortly.

BoB: White Russian Cossacks & An Obituary

Finally got around to finishing off the Cossacks, and used the Photo Box Mk2:

Generic Cossacks with the basic blue riding breeches and khaki gymnastroika.
As usual, Copplestone models BU39. These will go with my ragged White Russians.

Somewhat morbidly, I often read the Obituaries column in the Torygraph, as it often features colourful characters and personalities. ISTR even reading one one line interview about games designers using obituaries as a source of inspiration for characters in RPGs. I’m not surprised as there really are some great stories of adventure and derring do.

Here’s an example:

Zvansov was enrolled as quartermaster into the Eskadrone (“the Squadron”) — a military unit of 150 “white” Russians established under the command of Chinese Nationalist General Omar Ma. But in 1944 the Soviets succeeded in chasing the Chinese out of the northern part of Sinkiang and declared a puppet state, the Eastern Turkestan Republic. After a series of advances and military reverses, by 1947 the Eskadrone had been chased to Ku-chöng near Urumqi, the seat of the Nationalist provincial government.

Here’s the full article, although it is a bit later than the BoB period, its still an interesting read and shows that the White Russian units continued in China for more than two decades after the RCW – though I’m betting that they didn’t by then have many veteran of the RCW itself.