More Scatter Scenery including scarey crows

As those following JP & I’s efforts at our Hereford games, you’ll know that the local tradition (well Bromyard at least) is for Scarecrow celebrations, and it is well knwon for people to steer well clear of scarecrows on the table of our games lest the Twiggy Mommet protesters turn up.

Unp until now I’ve left it to JP, but when I saw these items from Ristuls Market I decided to get them. They arrived quite quickly in good packing, and with only minor flash easily cleaned off.

Being thin and light resin items, I found some metal washers, and greenstuffed them on, to ensure they were not top heavy.

Painted up, they’re about 40mm high (foundry Swashbuckler for comparison), `and look the biz. So no escaping scarecrows in AVBCW, or any other appropriate game. 😉

Now I’d bought another piece of scenery at the same time as the well I’ve previously painted up, so I dug that out, and had some cunni8ng thoughts on a mini campaign for Frostgrave/Mordheim. I’d already undercoated it and part base coated it, so managed to crack that our in the last threee days.

A throne fit for a Liche …

I didn’t want to go for black, as it would be too obviously, and when JP popped round, he agreed a nice dark red leather effect would be good and help the item stand out on the table.

If anyone knows the manufacturer of this throne, please let me know.

And the final grave, obviously a useful marker for potential grave goods.